PREVIEW: Mendips Mayhem Weekend! 29th June 5PM - 30th June 1PM


Hello and welcome to another weekend at Mendips Raceway! It’s banger after banger after banger this weekend as the bangers are the main stars with 4 classes racing over the next two days, although we do also have some three wheeled friends with us… I’m Jamie Waller Jones, and here’s your weekend rundown!

Old School Unlimited Bangers Thunderbolt 24

One of the longest running titles here at Mendips, Thunderbolt 24 has a decent array of drivers booked in hoping to claim the title. Last time out in the Unlimiteds wins went the way of 77 Patxi Beasley and 739 Jason Moore, who are both booked in along with PRI World Champion 67 Rickie Beasley. We also have a track debutant in 02 Riley O’Sullivan, and I'm sure the young gun will have his sights set on the title, but so will the Bartletts and BRCM!

1600 National Bangers

The 1600’s return after a lively display at the Bangers Down West Smash at the start of the season, and they look set to give us another entertaining show. The chaotic father and son duo of 86 Liam and 87 Jason Harvey always enjoy putting the bumper in, meanwhile on double duty on Saturday will be 154 Joe Odhams, 262 Rob Bugler, 440 Macauley Mills, and 743 Jake Bond, who along with racing in the Unlimiteds, will also be in the 1600s! Keen.

B2B Caged! Open

Basic in build, yet the racing is high quality! The B2B’s make their first appearance of the year, and what a list! 31 Liam Shipway is one driver to watch out for, as he’s bringing a rather crusty van with him! Other drivers include former Caged! Open champ 129 Lee Dalton who makes his first appearance of the year, Bilge Brigade brothers 309 Chris and 328 Mike Parry will also be in attendance, most likely with something unsuited for the sport! Ford enthusiast 962 Abbie Deeprose rounds out the list and will be hoping to keep broken bottom arms to a minimum.


Having been called up on short notice, the Rookies have stepped up for their 3rd appearance of the year. Last time out, they were absolute carnage with pileups galore! Drivers and lap scorers alike will be hoping for a calmer session today, especially 2 Harrison Staples, who had a nightmare of a meeting. Meanwhile, father 23 Barry Staples had a blinder, along with 410 Dan Galley who took a win in the final. 956 Harry Thompson is aiming for another win, whilst 852 Ryan Hughes makes his long-awaited return.


And finally, we move on to the three wheelers! 275 Jack Buckingham makes his first appearance of the season, coming back from a backpacking adventure in New Zealand! 100 Thomas Weeks will be back out after having a meeting with some fibreglass last time out, fair play to him! 154 Joe Odhams is also Robin powered, which will be his third formula of the weekend. And entertainers 14 Mckenzie Loader, 87 Jack McDade and 669 Immy Loader will all be trying to outdo each other for those vital entertainer points.

Kindly note - Saturday starts at 5pm, Sunday at 1pm!!

Some of the online tickets for Saturday had the incorrect start time printed on them. We have emailed everyone concerned. Contact the office if you need any assistance with your tickets.

Booking List:

Old Skool Unlimited Bangers
Thunderbolt 24

02 Riley O’Sullivan
67 Rickie Beasley
77 Patxi Beasley
87 Liam Harvey
90 Mark Bartlett
91 Sam Bartlett
92 Liam Bartlett
154 Joe Odhams
186 Lewis Fasey
232 Alan Roby
252 Lib James
262 Buddy James
262 Rob Bugler
362 Johnny James
440 Macauley Mills
739 Jason Moore
743 Jake Bond
999 John Picton

1600 Bangers

13 Lee Radford
82 Joe Gingell
86 Jason Harvey
87 Liam Harvey
154 Joe Odhams
198 Thomas Gumbleton
210 Ryan Brooks
222 Cleetus
262 Rob Bugler
369 Daniel Thompson
440 Macauley Mills
595 Ben Wall
743 Jake Bond

Reliant Robins

3 Scott Russell
14 Mckenzie Loader
30 Joe Capel
36 Toby Loader
66 Taylor Mitchell
87 Jack McDade
100 Thomas Weekes
114 Keira Williams
119 Stacey Howe
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
210 Ryan Brroks
220 Mike Stephens
258 Riley Brimble
275 Jack Buckingham
509 Matt Dixon
510 Sid Harrison
518 Matt Capel
669 Immy Loader
924 Joshue Heathcote

Rookie Bangers

2Harrison Staples
23 Barry Staples
67 Harry Pritchard
82 Joe Gingell
113 Chrissy Jeanes
144 Ash Worthington
154 Joe Odhams
198 Thomas Gumbleton
237 Jamie Broadhurst
369 Daniel Thompson
385 Ben Brice
595 Ben Wall
644 Wayne Thomson
717 Donna Cottrell
718 Adie Brown
772 Ash Higgins
775 Bradley Hunt
852 Ryan Hughes
956 Harry Thompson

Back 2 Basics

3 Scott Russell
22 Chris Mugford
29 Jamie Jones
31 Liam Shipway
33 Shaun Norton
101 Quin Howard-Evans
129 Lee Dalton
131 Owain Cox
146 Sammie Sheppard
161 Gary Nichol
198 Owen Nichol
210 Ryan Brooks
309 Chris Parry
322 Paul Brown
328 Mike Parry
369 Daniel Thompson
386 Bobby Stilgoe
452 William Teakel
642 Mike Allen
878 Daniel Sheppard
894 Chris Stokes
962 Abbie Deeprose

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