Sunday 30th April 2023

Welcome to Mendips for another Bank Holiday Weekend, so many May Bank Holidays, we had to start this one in April! So in the next couple of weeks with the pomp and ceremony of the Coronation and madness of Eurovision taking over, it will be a pleasant experience to enjoy a bit of racing to see who will be king and who is on song.


– sponsored by Hellysport The first visit to the Mendip Hills for the ever popular National Saloon Stock Cars. This year, extra importance for the Westcountry stars of the formula, as their World Championship, takes place at Smeatharpe Stadium.

The list is led by the young guns Bradley Compton- Sage (902), along with Warren Darby (677). And not to be out done – he’s joined on track by early season sensation, younger brother Harry (577) who’s already won finals at Taunton and Aldershot so far. Double trouble for dad Eddie in the pits. Joey Reynolds (760) travelled the miles in the bangers, and now that he’s moved over to the Saloons, the miles are not a problem, and neither is the big contact! Our thanks go once again to Paul May and his team at Hellysport – providing tyres to the Westcountry racers.


A busy if not damaging Easter weekend, with lots of unnecessary contact and damage which saw some injuries. There was a mixed bag for Henry Chiplen (107) who took a heat win and then trashed his motor when he crashed heavily. John Boy Penfold (301) stormed to heat 2, and the third heat Riley Brimble (258) saw him storm to the top of the charts. Dexter Hine (23) is Mr Consistent in second. New grades for lots of the youngsters – let’s see how they fare!


Special Rods got their season underway for the new season with a weekender. From the weekender – it was as you were as Nigel Manaton
(254) continued his late season form with an impressive showing which sees him lofted at the top of the points. Sam Howard (44) took full advantage of his yellow grade by take a heat and final double. Jack Buckingham (275) took a race win and seasoned racers Ben Brice (701) and Dene Howard (41) also victorious. A healthy amount of newcomers started to make themselves known, and it was nice to see returning drivers such as Jim Cannon (135) and Russ Colenutt (426). It all gears up for another cracking weekend


A second session for the Sweet 16’s. Following the Bangers Down West meeting, it has become a happy middle ground for those rookie drivers who fancy something a little bit harder. For the national boys, its an opportunity to race something other than a Mondeo! Last time out it was resident artist Abbie Deeprose (962) who found herself in victory lane, in a huge field of cars. With a huge field of BRMC alongside, the banter was flying about with her showing up her teamsters! Jamie Swanborough
(334) took a heightened DD. Let’s see how things get along today.

1600 National Bangers

33 Shaun Norton
105 Louis Tomkins
154 Joe Odhams
129 Lee Dalton
177 Charlie Edgecombe
210 Ryan Brooks
334 Jamie Swanborough
369 Daniel Thompson
454 Dean Lewis
456 Terry Hawes
711 Oli Banks
743 Jake Bond
746 Deejay Tyler
852 Ryan Hughes
909 Aaran Moore
911 Toby Wilson
962 Abbie Deeprose

Special Rods

6 Tim Bristow
26 Leah Bennett
40 Pete Stanley
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
68 Pete Jennings
103 Ryan Hinwood
114 Tom James
120 Andy Latimer
129 Lee Dalton
135 Jim Cannon
175 Kevin Oliver
202 Mark Hall
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
266 Micky Ford
275 Jack Buckingham
278 Andrew Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
426 Russ Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
768 Joe Delahay
867 Gary Brown

Junior Rods

14 Macca Loader
23 Dexter Hine
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
56 Jack Clifford
66 Taylor Mitchell
69 Reece Welch-Fry
107 Henry Chiplen
162 Charlie Cocks
175 Emily Beacham
184 Callum Preston
229 Tom Dalton
258 Riley Brimble
301 John Penfold
302 Rosie May
314 Max Barraclough
610 Alfie Murray
618 Rio Bates
620 Austin Latimer

May 1st 2023

SUV 4x4

4 by 4 they came and had fun in summer bank holiday last year, as some of the other halfs had fun, Lois Cartridge (106) and Abbie Deeprose
(962) took wins, but expect your usual stars in the off roaders on track with the Wallbangers and the BRMC in good number. You never know, Rob Mills (404) might show off again!


2nd meeting of the year for the F2, and after a well attended World Qualifier saw plenty of action and plenty of crashes, and plenty of visitors. Tristan Claydon (210) returned to the Mendips and took a heat and final double. Dan Roots (776) had a cracking easter with plenty of finals and Paul Moss (979) continued his almost gluelike traction around the Mendips track.

Yes, your eyes did see it. Mr Mendips, Mike Cocks (762) did win a race at the last meeting! The plucky stalwart broke a winless run for as long as we could remember. Mike has been a long standing supporter of the raceway and has decided to help those at the front of the pack get some silverware. The Mendips Mighty Whites Series will be a White-top only race which will start the day at the 3 meetings, with trophies awarded to the top three finishers in each race, starting today. White-top only races will be run over 10 laps, with handicapping as follows (each group being separated as if a different grade):

  • 2023 novices will start at the front (unless they win a race or move up and down grades during the season)
  • White-tops who have never won a race, and never been anything other than white will start in the middle
  • White-tops who have previously won a race, or have achieved a higher grade at any point, will start at the rear.

Points will be awarded 10 down to 1 in each of the three races, with further trophies presented to the top three drivers at the end of the series.

So something for all, although Mike, sorry mate, you’re up to yellow!

ROBINS Crazy Day

The Robin Reliants have been the super stars of the raceways and their opener on Easter Monday was no exception. Over 10 rollers, the biggest field of 3 wheelers seen in quite some time. After a year off, professional robin racer and all round idiot, Thomas Weeks (100) decided to rod his way to a heat and final. The pre match bants between Toby Loader (36) means that Weeks might struggle to stay up the right way this time. We were also graced by banger royalty as those Bugler Boys Roona (262) and Boogie (252) tried to roll each other, but not to much.

So to Crazy Day, 3 additional bonkers races with whatever and dependant on how much was drunk the night before by the powers-that-be. Previous examples have included pairs races, wrong way round, ramp races. So definitely action to come!

Next time it’s the end of the month with F2’s, Juniors and Rookies on the Sunday, with Specials, 2 Litre National Bangers and the fibreglass festival that is ROBIN RELIANT CARAVAN RACES you won’t want to miss that!

Til then

Cheers n gone



121 Vinni Rogers
127 Matt Stoneman
203 Dean Hawins
222 Adrian Watts
235 Alfie Brimble
258 James Griggs
259 Daz Purdy
303 Kurt Selway (tbc)
308 Lee Gilmore
315 Charlie Fisher
464 Matt Linfield
509 Jordan Butcher
542 Steven Gilbert
736 Josh Weare
762 Mike Cocks
783 James Rygor
828 Julian Coombes
856 Jamie Cocks
876 Stuart Moss
895 Ben Goddard
935 Nathan Maidment
976 Dan Kent
979 Paul Moss


105 Louis Tomkins
154 Joe Odhams
252 Steven Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
404 Rob Mills
440 Macauley Mills


10 Jerry Weeks
30 Joe Capel
36 Toby Loader
42 Jack Chapman
63 Rhys Lansdown
87 Jack McDade
100 Thomas Weeks
119 Stacey Howe
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
220 Mike Stephens
304 Paul Weare
518 Matt Capel
741 Wonkey Donkey

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