PREVIEW: MAY BANK HOLIDAY 5 & 6th May 2024 - 1PM


Sunday 5th May


The nudge and spin legends of the Rookies, break their cover for Season 24, and an impressive amount of bookings are here for the day. Leading the way is points champion HArrison Staples (2), who swept to title last year. West of England Champion Chris Neville (109). The next generation of Ryan Brooks (210), Tom Gumbleton (198) and Ieuan Preston (149) continue their graduation from the juniors. They will be joined by a guest appearance from Ricky Beasley (67) and Big Mac (440). There are welcome returns for Chrissy Jeanes (113) and fresh from her suspension the artist Abbie Deeprose (962) is back!


The start of the year for the youngsters has been nothing short of brilliant, with the new broom turning up in good number. In his farewell appearance Taylor Mitchell (66) took a win. Freddie Moore (301) also took a win and Charlie Cocks (162) took the consolation. However, fresh from being injured at school - I tell you its dangerous kids, Tristan Heathcote (429) took top honours and finally had some good luck for a change.


The tin toppers are back from the busy Easter double header, and it is apparent that we are in for another year of wins spread far and wide.
Wins for Pete Jennings (68), Stuart Simpson (29) and Brad Hunt. Former track champion, Dan Latimer (720) took a double over the weekend.
Finals went the way of Harry Melville (226) and Rich James (112) who took full advantage of boring Jane James (35)'s car to banish the bad luck he had in the Saloon Stock Cars.

Monday 6th May


A busy but brutal opening meeting for Europe's Premier open wheeled motorsport, saw plenty of cars, plenty of action. It's also the first grading period of the season. Leading the changes was double winner last time and all round sensation Kasey Jones (286), who has won of all grades - will we see him acclimatize to superstar in a similar fashion?

Jake Ralfs (128)'s early season form has seen him upgraded to yellow.

Mendips regular Harry Neath-Rogers (141) is up to blue and going the other way, track champion Paul Moss (979) is down to blue. Regular visitors the Smith sisters Jess (390) and Rebecca (931) both drop to yellow, which could be fairly well populated, It's also the first round of the Mike Cocks sponsered "Mighty Whites"

Series for the lowest graders an opportunity to get a race win. Jamie Cocks (856) drops to white just in time. Prizes galore over the season for the white tops


A trip to the Old Skool, and our old skool doesn't have crumbling concrete problems! Wrecking wasn't the name of the game and gradually got bigger as the day goes on. Reigning World Champion RIckie Beasley (67) heads the entry for big bangers. WIth it being Old Skool we have lots of Devon based drivers, including the James' Lib (252), Buddy (262) and Johnnie (362) and ex F2 drivers Jamie Beere (954) and Jay Tomkins (290) Steve Hunt (282) has booked in - Steve will be probably the only driver on track who raced in the 1980's and has done the lot - so a knockabout session in the bangers will be rolling back the years


The nuttiest of nutters convene in a wobble as the world's favourite three wheelers take to the track. A Load of Loaders will finally take to the track, with Macca Pacca (14) and finally Immy (669) (if we can actually get her to our track for a change!) joining the regulars Aaron Loader (362) and Toby (36) who barbecued Charlie last time out. Last time out, there were wins for Sid Harrison(510), Matt Capel (518) and points champion Tom Weeks (100)

So what makes it crazy? Thats down to the powers that be! Wrong way round, slaloms, we just don't know until the day!

Stat facts Current Roll count - 19 - Roll leader - Jack McDade (87) with 6 rolls!


Rookie Bangers

2 Harrison Staples
6 Troy Jones
23 Barry Staples
33 Shaun Norton
47 Alex Knight
62 Bobby Hewlett
67 Rickie Beasley
73 Sam Wilkinson
76 Matt Hodgkins
90 Luke O'Brien
109 Chris Neville
112 Rich James
113 Chrissy Jeanes
116 Joey Sutton
144 Ashton Worthington
149 Ieuan Preston
154 Joe Odhams
198 Thomas Gumbleton
210 Ryan Brooks
222 Callum Evans
372 Tom Cambridge
385 Ben Brice
440 Macauley Mills
452 William Teakel
515 Sam Fowler
595 Ben Wall
601 Brandon Melksham
604 Josh Bridger
617 Reece Rixon
644 Wayne Thomson
718 Adrian Brown
734 Bradley James
739 Jason Moore
743 Jake Bond
746 Deejay Tyler
775 Bradley Hunt
956 Harry Thompson
962 Abbie Deeprose

Special Rods

29 Stuart Simpson
35 Jane James
40 Pete Stanley (prov)
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
66 Ben Bristow
68 Pete Jennings
175 Kevin Oliver
213 Jake Mews
226 Harry Melville
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
278 Andrerw Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
426 Russell Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
720 Dan Latimer

Junior Rods

16 Daniel Gunfield
23 Dexter Hine
26 Ollie Melville
36 Dylan McDermott
49 Jenson Bevan
56 Jack Clifford
69 Reece Welch-Fry
99 Jenson Harris
107 Henry Chiplen
111 Olly Bryant
126 Charlie Cocks
133 Summer Jeanes
184 Callum Preston
187 Lucas Knox
229 Ton Dalton
302 John Penfold
314 Max Barraclough
413 Layla Barraclough
429 Tristen Heathcote
511 Archie Bryant
618 Rio Bates
620 Austin Latimer


Old School Unlimited Bangers

6 Troy Jones
67 Rickie Beasley
70 Jamie Thomas
77 Patxi Beasley
90 Mark Bartlett
91 Sam Bartlett
92 Liam Bartlett
113 Chrissy Jeanes
154 Joe Odhams
186 Lewis Fasey
232 Alan Roby
252 Lib James
262 Buddy James
282 Steve Hunt
290 Jay Tomkins
326 Sam White
362 Johnny James
440 Macauley Mills
458 Layton Mush
619 Luke Thomas
739 Jason Moore
743 Jake Bond
775 Bradley Hunt
840 Stephen Sheppard
954 Jamie Beere
956 Harry Thompson

Brisca F2s

27 Kieren Bradford
53 Phil Mann
109 Tristan Smith
121 Harry Neath-Rogers
127 Matt Stoneman
128 Jake Ralfs
131 Dean Rogers
141 Vinnie Neath-Rogers
160 Jaques West
203 Dean Hawkins
222 Adrian Watts
235 Alfie Brimble
274 Ryan Hinwood
286 Kasey Jones
315 Charlie Fisher
510 Matt Stone
542 Steven Gilbert
762 Mike Cocks
776 Dan Roots
828 Julian Coombes
856 Jamie Cocks
895 Ben Goddard
979 Paul Moss
980 Charlie Lobb


10 Jerry Weekes
14 Macca Loader
30 Joe Capel
36 Toby Loader
87 Jack McDade
100 Thomas Weekes
119 Stacey Howe
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
210 Ryan Brooks
220 Mike Stephens
258 Riley Brimble
362 Aaron Loader
509 Matt Dixon
518 Matt Capel
669 Immy Loader
924 Joshua Heathcote

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