PREVIEW: EASTER DOUBLE BILL Mar 31 – April 1, 2024


This easter weekend Mendips Raceway will be the place to be!

BriSCA F2 – The Gerry Dommett Trophy 

Another Easter Sunday and its world qualifier time for the Gerry Dommett Memorial Trophy, as we remember the pioneer of the sport, who found this little acre in his plane and said “I could build a track here” 

We expect good numbers as the world final is just down the road at Smeatharpe at the end of September. On Friday, we had a qualifying round down at the Cornish track of St. Day so with the added attraction of a few travellers we should be in for a cracker, with potentially a rare 3 heat and consolation combo on the cards. 

Last year’s point champion Paul Moss (979) will be looking to see where he left off last season, where he took a fair few race wins. One of his previous cars now is in the hands of former Junior Rodder Jake Ralfs (128), who certainly will be one to watch. Likewise the Westcountry superstars Steve Gilbert (542), Matt Stoneman (127) and Mr Box Office Jon Palmer(24) will be looking to get some home banker points for the road to gold 

Last year saw Tristan Claydon (210) take a heat and final double and he will be joined by fellow Potteries resident, Luke Wrench (560) and national points champion, Charlie Guinchard (183) will be welcome visitor. 


Well, like all the great combos in life, like eggs and bacon, salt and vinegar, Saloons and F2 are the perfect combo! They are one of our most popular visiting formulas and rightly so. Last year’s world final was the stuff of legend and the formula continues to maintain huge fan bases. The field is led by local favorite Bradley Compton Sage [902] along with UK Open champion, Warren Darby (677). This is the first of two beings for the Saloon Stocks this year. The second being part of the support for Golden Weekend in September. The Master of the Mendips title is kindly and currently sponsored, by Paul May. In his new guise of “Uncle Bod’s Tyre Shack”. There are plenty of goodies, to match the action for the drivers 


The non contact saloon formula gets underway for season 2024, with a healthy turn out of drivers. Fresh from the Mendips Raceway presentation night, all eyes will be on points champion Jason Oliver (303), who will be debuting a new BMW shelled car. Following him this year will be Nik Loader who hopes to continue to see if he can rack up the points in the 445 machine. And there's a welcome return, hopefully with a bit better luck for this season, for Beth Stevenson (61). A few of the white team moving on to formulae new. Ryan Hinwood has moved into F2, whereas Andy James joins Rich James in Saloons. It’s always good to see new drivers such as as Ian Truman (118) Welcome. One to watch was late season sensation Harry Melville (226) who will be looking to take full advantage of his blue grade and give mum Gem more kittens to give birth to. The specials will be racing both days.


The white van man and delivery drivers trusty steeds, who terrorize the roads and back lanes of the world will meet their maker here today. Always a fun meeting as we get the weird and wonderful wagons rolling around the Mendips Raceway, and this year should be no exception. Usual suspects of Team BRMC will be joined by their better halfs. Lois Cartridge (103), is a particular expert in this field along with Abbie Deeprose (962) who seems to be receiving social media banter from northern commentator Scott Wagstaff.  Joe Odhams(154) often has something a little bit special lined up to race with in his traditional red, white and blue in the Allsorts. We expect to see some vehicles on display although there are rumours flying about that leg end Rob Mills (404) has something special of winnebago levels. 


A great turn out for the open meeting promises to give us a very good season of junior rods. The new class certainly set their stall out and are looking to be highly competitive. Ollie Bryant (111) took top honours, who took a 2nd in his heat and then supersized with a final win. Likewise, Dylan McDermott (36) enjoying the twilight of his Junior career with a heat win. Max Barraclough (314) was clearly spurred on by the fact that sister Layla (413) is now on the raceway – neither wants to let either sibling beat them!  With plenty of new drivers improving with the extra seat time, the shoots are there for a classic season. 


The wibbly, wobbly 3 wheel wonders bring the party to the track and much hilarity to you, with lots of. rocking and rolling. Defending champion Thomas Weeks (100) is the one to beat and heads the entry, but but this year he has not got 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but potentially five members of the Loader family taking part in the Robins. Toby (36) will be on his roof – that can be taken as standard. Likewise. Aaron (362) cannot be missed this season – he has a Robin limousine. How far that one will go? Your guess is as good as mine. Joining the crew is trophy girl extraordinaire Immy, who is swapping to the hard tarmac – having done plenty of laps on the pace car is not experience of the hard race action. However a recent year long ban from the local go karts should keep the glamourous galivanter in the mix. 

Both meetings get underway at 1pm, but get here early!

Drivers List:


Brisca F2

12 Craig Driscoll
24 Jon Palmer
27 Kieren Bradford
53 Phillip Mann
121 Vinnie Neath Rogers
126 Jamie Avery
127 Matt Stoneman
128 Jake Ralfs
141 Harry Neath Rogers
161 Ben Bate
183 Charlie Guinchard
194 Luke Johnson
210 Tristan Claydon (prov)
213 Tom Bennett
222 Adrian Watts
235 Alfie Brimble
259 Daz Purdy
274 Ryan Hinwood
286 Kasey Jones
287 Luke Beeson
296 Charlie Doe
315 Charlie Fisher
325 Ryan Sheehan
390 Jessica Smith
418 Ben Borthwick
460 Adam Pearce
461 Tom Davison
504 David Rudall
509 Jordan Butcher
510 Matt Stone
525 Charlie Knight
533 Johnny Egg
542 Steven Gilbert
547 Lewis Burgoyne
560 Luke Wrench
564 David Shearing
588 Mike Kingston
605 Richie Andrews
647 Chris Burgoyne
654 Harley Soper
700 Adam Rubery
728 Jack Bunter
736 Josh Weare
762 Mike Cocks
828 Julian Coombes
835 Matt Westaway
844 Jack Prosser
856 Jamie Cocks
884 Pete Osment
890 Paul Rice
895 Ben Goddard
915 Jamie Jones
931 Rebecca Smith
975 Graeme Leckie
976 Dan Kent
979 Paul Moss
980 Charlie Lobb
992 Harley Burns
213 Tom Bennett
676 Neil Hooper
689 Joe Marquand
776 Dan Roots
876 Stuart Moss


00 Andy James
28 Ian Govier
33 Pete Hollett
112 Rich James
314 Bryn Finch
329 Keegan Sampson
444 Kieran Bellringer
768 Joe Delahay
902 Buster Junior
More to follow on SSCA Website….

Special Rods

6 Tim Bristow
29 Stuart Simpson
35 Jane James
40 Pete Stanley
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
66 Ben Bristow
118 Iain Truman
175 Kevin Oliver
226 Harry Melville
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
278 Andy Bressington
303 Jason Oliver (Points/WoE Champion)
426 Russel Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
720 Dan Latimer
775 Brad Hunt



3 Scott Russell
10 Jerry Weekes
30 Joe Capel
36 Toby Loader
100 Thomas Weekes
119 Stacey Howe
154 Joe Odhams
258 Riley Brimble
362 Aaron Loader
510 Sid Harrison
518 Matthew Capel
728 Jack Bunter
741 Wonkey Donkey
87 Jack McDade
154 Joe Odhams
267 Billy McDade

Junior Rods

16 Daniel Gunfield
23 Dexter Hine
26 Ollie Melville
36 Dylan McDermott
49 Jenson Bevan
56 Jack Clifford
66 Taylor Mitchell
69 Reece Welch Fry
99 Jenson Harris
107 Henry Chiplen
111 Olly Bryant
133 Summer Jeanes
162 Charlie Cocks
184 Callum Preston
187 Lucas Knox
229 Tom Dalton
301 John Penfold
314 Max Barraclough
329 Jazmin Dalton (Prov)
413 Layla Barraclough
429 Tristan Heathcote
511 Archie Bryant
620 Austin Latimer


6 Troy Jones
595 Ben Wall
743 Jake Bond
775 David High
888 Dan Kempin
81 Rick Bugler
252 Steven Bugler
262 Robert Bugler
404 Rob Mills
440 Macauley Mills

Special Rods

6 Tim Bristow
29 Stuart Simpson
35 Jane James
40 Pete Stanley
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
66 Ben Bristow
108 Adam Headland
118 Iain Truman
175 Kevin Oliver
226 Harry Melville
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
278 Andy Bressington
303 Jason Oliver (Points/WoE Champion)
426 Russel Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
720 Dan Latimer
775 Brad Hunt

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