PREVIEW: Caravandalism Weekend 2014


Our August Bank holiday presentation has something for everyone this weekend with all your favourite drivers on parade.

The Bangers are racing this weekend for Qualifying Points for the World Championship at Ipswich on November 29th. All the points scored will be compiled, and the top two drivers will qualify for the big race, and those below will be eligible for the Last Chance Races that take place on the night to add those final drivers to the grid. In addition to that, all points scored over the weekend go towards the 2014 Points Championship here at Mendips Raceway, with the final meeting in October to clinch the Championship. Today is also a special day for the Banger mechanics, as today they get to drive! This is Round One of the 2014 FORDS Mechanics Championship, and with the Final here in October, competition will be fierce for the locals. Each driver has to raise a minimum amount in sponsorship in order to take part, and that money goes to the Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff, to help those who may be injured and unable to work after racing accidents. Be warned that drivers may be looking for a top up of sponsorship before the meeting, as the one with the highest amount of money gets pole position! Give whatever you can for this worthy cause.

Special Rod racing will take place both days of the weekend, as drivers compete for the Summer Series which is run over three meetings, in July and August. This unique competition rewards drivers in each of the four grades-Superstar, Red, Blue and White for consistent scoring over the three meetings. As drivers are regarded every two meetings, and were regraded after the July meeting, anyone who has changed grade has to zero his total and score from his new grade. Russ Colenutt leads the Superstar grade, Andy Pincott(85) the reds, Dan Latimer(720) the blues, and Alan Lettley (5) is the leading white top as we go into the weekend. Things could not be closer at the top of the Points championship, with Richard Howard (47) leading by one point from Tim Weare (304), with Russ Colenut (18) in third place just four points behind. It can all change in a couple of meetings, and again, the Special Rods conclude their season on October 5th. There a number of new drivers preparing cars at the moment, so we should see better numbers next year.

The Juniors are back after a two month break, and as with the Specials, the points championship is very close. 2013 champion Aaron Loader(362) is doing very well from his dead last starting place at the back of the field in every race, running third in the table but only a few points behind leader Harry Thompson (956), and Ben Brice (700) who has kept his little A40 well up in then places in 2014-not bad for a car that is fifty years old! The sheer variety of cars is what makes the Juniors interesting nowadays, a far cry from the all Mini formula that we had for so many years. The Juniors will conclude their season next month, with their West of England Championship.

The Shocktec West of England Championship is up for grabs today for the Hot Rods-the fastest cars on the Raceway, and a good field looks set to contest it. Colin White(718) always has to start favourite, and his more regular attendance this year sees him leading the Points Championship, but up and coming star Mike Hibberd has run him close several times this season. The next three in the table are separated by just one point, but they will need to be up early to catch Colin out! Last years Champion Mike Norton (205) will be in contention this year, as will James Griggs(258) and Larry Langmead(18), so we look forward to a great race.

Last meeting for 2014 also for the Robins. The Robins have been superb this year, and they traditionally star in this Bank Holiday meeting, with their Figure of Eight race and Destruction Derby. If you have never seen Robin racing, then come along and enjoy! This year’s entertainer leagues sees lady racer Kylie Gillingham (26) at the top of the table after some amazing rollovers and stunts that has made her the crowd’s favourite!

An what about the Caravans? This end of the weekend is the end for fifteen or more caravans that get smashed to bits in one final blaze of glory! The culmination of our summer season, and always much anticipated. Bangers towing caravans and trying to demolish the one in front before the same happens to them-you just have to see it to believe it. We shall be back in four weeks with the National Hot Rods, and Unlimited Bangers, and we hope to see you then!


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