PREVIEW: CAGED! WEEKENDER! 15-16 October 2022

PREVIEW: CAGED! WEEKENDER! 15-16 October 2022


We invite you all to Mendips Raceway for another race weekend of hard-hitting close quarters on the legendary Somerset Oval. All flavours of bangers will be raced in the first occasion that we here at Mendips have teamed up with the guys at Cagedbangers website and podcast. Supporting the Banger boys and girls are the hard hitting Saloon Stock Cars, the non contact Stock Rods and the noise of the V8 stock cars!

This weekend is the brainchild of James Keane and Bryson Walker, two of the names behind the infamous Caged! Banger website and podcast. It’s an opportunity for the super fans and community to give something back. Their recent podcast gave a glowing review of the recent World Final, which also included yours truly. Search for "Caged : Full Throttle" wherever you get your podcasts….


The big bangers are certainly the current flavour of the month as they have been in World Championship mode. The recent Ipswich World Final saw some beautiful motors, with the current malaise in unlimited bangers we are hoping to get a couple of stragglers from Ipswich looking for another race for the big beasts. With a guaranteed wildcard place the top prize for the winner there is added incentive for our domestic major, Thunderbolt 22 kindly sponsored by R&J Vehicles. Heading the entry list is defending champion James Head (284) who will be looking to win the Thunderbolt for a second time. Autospeed world champion Corey Hunt (582) is another notable name on the list and the likes of Jason Moore (739) are always going to be in with a shot.


With the recent PRI primarily being a 2 litre affair, despite rules to the contrary, the swell of support for this meeting. Caged Open is the top prize this weekend and hopefully a similar showing of cars and if we only get a fraction of the devastation then we are in for a cracker


Following the splendour and pristine ability of the Ipswich World Final the back to basics offer a welcome respite for the budget find something in the yard and rag it brigade. This preparation is minimal and you often find something horrid to race. Kings of the back to basic the Parry Brothers, Mike (328) and Chris (309) often turn out something rare rotten and French. Mendips favourites Lee Dalton (129) and the Artist herself Abi Deeprose (962). With the B2B on both days, there will be a unique format with busy grids and plenty of action. The Caged Open being the top prize, now moved from Standlake and what we hope will be a cracking weekend .


It's a warm welcome back to the roaring sound of the V8 Hot Stox which will bring the noise to the Mendip Hills. It’s been a while since they have been here but we have names new and old ready to rumble. Ones to watch are perennial champions Guy Jolly (222) and Kev Sutchbury (1). It's a hotbed of female racers, like Camey Dorrell (262) and Amy Jagger (525) so we give them a warm welcome today!


It’s a welcome addition to the programme for the non contact racers, who in a move of inter promotion cooperation with Autospeed, which saw our Special Rods head into deepest darkest Cornwall for a meeting. This is the return of the favour, another outing at the tricky Mendips track.

Perennial tryer and habitual Tik Toker, Sophie Daughtrey (982) professed a liking to the track with some excellent showings

Autospeed marshall James Brenton (73) continues his move into the formula in earnest giving starter wife, Sammie more kittens! There are even rumours that ex F2 driver and former track champion Chris Mikulla (522) might be making his debut…

SALOON STOCK CARS sponsored by Hellysport

The tin top tearaways return for more action at Mendips. If the last meeting is anything to go by, we should be in for a cracker. The final itself was one to behold - Warren Darby (677) pipping Jack Crandon (277) by the barest of margins. They are fresh from their World Final where multi champ Michael Allard (349) finally got his hands on the Gold, albeit not in the circumstances he might have preferred as first across the line Matt Stirling (747) was deemed to have a technical infringement. Brad Sage-Compton (902) took a top ten in the big race and was at the business end during it. Dad Buster has put an additional amount of Dosh on the final and has also sponsored some grade awards!

Our final presentation for 2022 comes in two weeks time-Halloween Havoc!

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