PREVIEW: Bangers Down West Sun 19th March 1pm

PREVIEW: Bangers Down West Sun 19th March 1pm


It’s gonna be another actioned packed season here in our lil acre of Somerset with plenty of your favourites ripping up the raceway, with meetings big and mighty this season!

Today sees a spot of smashing, and drivers from all over the age spectrum setting the season of in style


A new event for season start, and the brain child of super fan and Banger anorak, Jamie Waller-Jones as his “Bangers Down West” Facebook group for all things bangers. Jamie will be joining us on comms today. With the Micro Bangers taking a rest, it’s time, to move on to something bigger, but not too big. With most 1600cc cars pulling a big poke and with the amount of crossover from all 3 “cohorts” of bangers keen for this, there should be quite a turnout


A new year means new drivers and a new pecking order will develop. Rising star, established racers and newbies all coming to the floor on the first day in the new term for the stars of tomorrow


The cars are nearly as old as the drivers, with many of them definitely in an Indian Summer of their careers. Nursing the cars home via the nursing home will be a plethora of racers, taking it old school – and I mean really old school. Cars from the 60’s and 70’s driven by drivers mostly in their 60’s and 70’s will be turning back the clock

Meeting gets under at 1pm, buy your tickets HERE!

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