PREVIEW: BANGERS DOWN WEST! Sun 17th March 2024 – 1pm


The first meeting of the year is this Sunday and we have a mixture of formulas across the age sprectrum!


Dispatching hot hatches is the name of game, as our first National Banger event of 2024. Hot on the heels of last years roaring success for Bangerorak, Jamie Waller-Jones and his “Bangers Down West” fan page. This year he has added a lucrative sponsorship package, giving every driver who books in a chocolately treat of a Freddo. Now with recent inflationary increase of our favourite chocolatey amphibian confection, the lad could be on the verge of bankruptcy! Sadly, this years uptake hasn’t been overly too big. Last year’s champion is champing at the bit to get going after her brief time on the naughty step, Abbie Deeprose (962) has put down her paintbrush and is going racing! She will be joined by notorious team mates Roona (262) and Big Mac (440). Crucial world Qualifying points are up for grabs for the big one in September, so for those who wish to be in the big one will need to get involved.


The new class of drivers have their first day at school. With a lot of the top drivers of last year hitting the upper limit, a jostling for top dog is going to be clear to see. Established stars such as Callum Preston (184), Charlie Cocks (162), Henry Chiplen (107) and Dylan McDermott (36) will be ones to watch, along with the likes of Jenson Harris (99) and the Bryant Boys Olly (111) and Archie (511) mixing it with the newbs like Ollie Melville (26) and the quiet life at the track being ruined by little sisters for Max Barraclough (314) and Tom Dalton (229) whose sisters Layla (413) and Jazmin (329) will be joining big bro on the track!


A flash back to years back as our annual trip from the cars of yesteryear, with cars coming from all parts of the country to play with us. A little bit of nudge and spin as the elderly cars meet the sometimes elderly drivers for a play on our raceway. Our thanks to the original plastic pasty – Alan Humphrey who has gee’d up the drivers in good number. The car is ready “but the driver is not” says Alan, who no doubt will be looking to get acquainted with our presentation team, such is his reputation. His car will be driven by Nick Pettit (253a) Last year it was a tale of two Vinnys, as Vince Manterfield (729) took the first race and Vince Stone (710) took the second in the ex Jack Bunter car which is now for sale. Richard Johnson (734 now 346) took the final win. As the sport is in its platinum jubilee (it started on Good Friday 1954 at the New Cross Stadium), this will give you a bit of flavour of how those cars raced back then!

Racing starts at 1pm, but get there early!

Driver bookings to date are below!

Banger Bookings:

4 Bob Barnes
18 Jason Edgecombe
76 Matt Hodgkins
87 Liam Harvey
105 Louis Tompkins
144 Ashton Worthington
150 Lewis Richards
154 Błażej Szczygiel
172 Kyran Rimmington
174 Sid Ben Taylor
198 Thomas Gumbleton
252 Steven Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
270 Shaun Baker
311 Lewis Allen
330 Ben Key
363 Sam Trim
369 Daniel Thompson
372 Tom Cambridge
440 Macauley Mills
493 Mark Powell
595 Ben Wall
604 Josh Bridger
743 Jake Bond
838 Damien Tiley
962 Abbie Deeprose

Heritage F2 Bookings:

253a Nick Pettit
49 Paul Ferguson
342 Ernie McTaylor
520 Ian Harris
346 Goldie
761 Andy Whitehouse
157 Kevan Woollas
E19 Mark Stallard
22 Will yarrow
555 David Speed
533 Andy Kaye
107 Dan Chiplen
728 Graham Bunter
580 John Perret
500 Mark Foster
J50 Mathew Foster
137 Paul Arden
143 Ian Dominey
198 Alan Nicholson
135 Jim Cannon
773 Nick Whitney
537 Charlie Barnes
271 Wayne Helliwell (tbc)

Junior Rod Bookings

16 Daniel Gunfield
23 Dexter Hine
26 Ollie Melville
36 Dylan McDermott
49 Jenson Bevan
56 Jack Clifford
66 Taylor Mitchell
69 Reece Welch - Fry
99 Jenson Harris
107 Henry Chiplen
111 Olly Bryant
162 Charlie Cocks
184 Callum Preston
197 Jenson Lyons
229 Tom Dalton
301 John Penfold
314 Max Barraclough
329 Jazmin Dalton
413 Layla Barraclough
511 Archie Bryant
620 Austin Latimer

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