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PREVIEW 30 June 1 July 2018

PREVIEW: 30 June & 1 July 2018


PREVIEW 30 June 1 July 2018We are half way through the year that means only one thing - Our Midsummer weekend is next week. It gets underway with the Back to Basics, Robins, Hot and Junior Rods on Saturday Night, with the Old Skool Graham Salter Meeting, and Specials and the history of Heritage F1 Stock Cars

Welcome to our traditional summer weekender, and what should be a cracking weekend of racing all around. It’s the first of two speedweekends this year, and this should be the slightly warmer one!!! Cue the new radio mic, fire up the lights (albeit for one of the longest days of the year!) to see how it goes. As a Danish Blonde once sang in the 90’s, “Saturday Night, the air is getting hot” obviously came here to get inspiration for the lyrics!

Back to Basics Bangers 1800 bangers.

Find it, strip and rip, stick a cage in and race! The most basic form of racing available. A true “ have a go” experience. The whole B2B movement has encouraged old drivers back, new drivers in, and an easier build for the more experienced racer! Under 1800 with no Focus type machinery, should see a varied and different array of vehicles on display. From Peugeot 309s to Beetles, the bilge and the beautiful will meet its maker! We have over 40 cars for this one, fantastic turnout for a great nights racing. The first year this took place an epic 60 car DD took place in near darkness, but last year, no DD as the meeting was sadly curtailed before it could be run due to an incident. That won’t happen this year, as by that time, the new lights should be in full effect


Impressive numbers from the high speed non contact boys continue to grow, however it is the dominance of wily old self proclaimed veteran of the hot rod scene, Colin White (718) who continues to show us why he was a 3 time National Hot Rod World Champion. Last time, James Griggs (258) took a win of the Glastonbury man, but notable displays from Jamie Bryant (611) and Steve Hunt (282) show the way to go. With it being a Saturday night, and only the World Cup as a distraction, will the recent record of 15 cars be broken.


Some of the best racing this season has come from the youngsters. Whilst Ewan Gumbleton (190) is leading the points, Tom Weeks (100) has the wins, and Josh Weare (36) is not too far behind.
Last time out Gumbleton was truly dominant in all of his three races, taking a maximum score from the meeting. Weeks took another win in the other race, with some more impressive displays from rapidly improving Welsh youngster Ieuan Preston (149).


A much more sedate in comparison to the last Robin meeting where Crazy Day took to the floor. Adopting a more Attenboroughesque tone, Robins are rarely seen out at night, so the opportunity to have a sighting of the rare three wheeled bird in an unnatural habitat. If you weren’t a Worthington (Cliff (437) or Andrew (504)), you were worthless last time, as the pair of brothers stitched up another race win between them, literally, as they won the pairs race. Matt Dixon (509) was also victorious, along with a returning Martin Dalton (58). It’s going to be a wibbly wobbly weekend!

Cheers n Gone



6 Danny Greening Bristol
7 Jamie Charles Yate
23 Clive Crockford Westbury
26 Russell Gillingham Glastonbury
26 James Clarke WSM
27 Dean Quinn Bristol
33 Shaun Norton Clevedon
34 Terry Phillips Templecombe
45 Alex Shadwell
59 Mike Jones Yate
77 Patch Beasley Shipston on Stour
77 Aaron Charles Yate
80 Michaela Cook Pontypool
80 Matt Nutley Southampton
122 Jimmy McDermott Bristol
174 Ben Sid Taylor Yeovil
175 Gary Hunt Highbridge
211 Adrian Coles Bristol
226 Chops Willis Glastonbury
270 Slug Highbridge
284 Leon Benjafield WSM

298 Dave Greening Bristol 309 Chris Parry Worcester 314 Jason Barraclough Frome 335 Albert Hughes Sandhurst 362 Aaron Loader WSM 403 Andy Howard Frome 404 Rob Mills Trowbridge 427 George Smith Bristol 428 Zak Torode Templecombe 440 Macauley Mills Trowbridge 473 Mark Nicholls 595 Ben Wall WSM 658 Adam Dorse Shepton Mallett 700 Les Brice Tiverton 701 Ben Brice Tiverton 743 Jake Bond Bridgwater 775 Brad Hunt Highbridge 841 Tomo Perkins Cornwall 888 John Smith Bristol 956 Harry Thompson WSM


30 Finley Holloway Bristol
92 Abi Southgate Bristol
111 Millie Ruby Banwell
214 Jude Manley Bristol
236 Alfie Brimble Bristol
437 Ryan Worthington Yate
856 Jamie Cocks Portishead


26 Leah Bennett Bradford on Avon
28 Ava Hawkins Bishop Sutton
29 Jasmine McArdle Bishop Sutton
35 Charlie Johns Bristol
176 Maddy Giambaressi Bristol
599 Louis White Bristol


8 George Jenkins Bristol
11 Jake Devine Yatton
75 Jack Buckingham WSM
77 Jacob Filer Dundry
149 Ieuan Preston Cardiff
854 Jack Sear St Ithians


36 Josh Weare Cheddar
100 Thomas Weeks Bath
190 Ewan Gumbleton Radstock

Hot Rods

28 Tim Seaford Frome
35 Neil Muddle Bridgwater
38 Phil Parkhouse Paignton
44 Dan Fivien Aldershot
49 Maurice Cole Horsham
57 Graeme Taylor Aldershot
117 Dave Tossell Plymouth
258 James Griggs St Austell
426 Russell Colenutt Reading
536 Jeff Johnson Trowbridge
611 Jamie Bryant Bath
718 Colin White Glastonbury
788 Mark Shelper Bristol
926 Alistair Murray London

17 Lee Robins Yate
25 Kylie Gillingham Glastonbury
26 Russ Gillingham Glastonbury
27 Dean Quinn Bristol
49 Liam Boden Worcester
58 Martin Dalton Yate
80 Michaela Cook Pontypool
101 Gordon Mintram Radstock
119 Stacey Howe Radstock
174 Ben Sid Taylor Yeovil
242 John Quinn Bristol
251 Mikey Fellows Worcester
304 Tim Weare Draycott
364 Darren Feltham Thornbury
437 Clifford Worthinton Yate
504 Andrew Worthington Yate
509 Matt Dixon Bristol
510 Sid Harrison Bristol

Day 2 of our weekend sees the action ramp up a notch and the noise go past 11! Not too loud though, some people are nursing hangovers from last night!


As is tradition on our Midsummer meetings at Mendips, the highlight of the Sunday is the Graham Salter Tribute meeting. Graham was a long standing stalwart of Mendips and Smeatharpe banger scene over the years and had a long and illustrious racing career before cancer took him far too prematurely.

Last year was somewhat more veteran based drivers taking the spoils, but the Newton Abbot based duo of Richard Sparks (247) and Nick Courtier (114) taking the spoils. Last time out for the Unlimiteds in Old Skool, Ricky Beasley (67) was victorious in the Old Skool World Final. Tom Deacon (103) took a win, whilst Johnny James (362) remains to be the main who is top of the class in the Old Skool.


More brilliant showings from the budget non contact merchants, and if recent turnouts are to be continued then its no surprise if a full format meeting is deployed!! Last time out on the last bank holiday, it was Dene Howard (41) who took a heat and final double. Dan Latimer (720) also scored a double too, and at the top of the points is Jim Cannon (135) another one of the south coasters who have joined in this year. He is followed by a brace of Brices as Ben (701) leads Les (700). Such is the competitiveness, anyone could be in with a shout!


A nostalgia trip for all those who were here in the early days of the track in the late sixties and early 70’s – the V8 roar of the BriSCA F1, really will bring thunder to the hills. These were the pioneers of the sport back its infancy and whilst some are replicas, some are actual racers from the “golden era”. A couple of nostalgia races to take you back to a time when you, your dad, your grandad or even great grandad was in shorts…. Cars to look out for are (insert bits here from booking list).
Last time these guys were here was two years ago Martin Makin had his Jim Esau 1970 Replica in victory lane – along with Johnny Painter (37)

Join us next time for the best mix of red and white you’ll see since your mum put her new red knickers in with your pristine white PE kit as Mendips goes Pink, for Filo’s Crashmania for the Micro Bangers in Teams, and the Pink Ribbon Trophy plays centre stage for the F2s, and Special Rods, plus other madness on July 22nd!

Cheers n Gone


Graham Salter Tribute Unlimited Old Skool Bangers

27 Dean Quinn Bristol
67 Rickie Beasley Shipston on Stour
77 Patch Beasley Shipston on Stour
83 Ben Styles Exeter
91 Sam Bartlett Weymouth
92 Liam Bartlett Weymouth
185 Richard Coaker Taunton
246 Aston Burt Poole
270 Slug Highbridge
284 Leon Benjafield WSM
349 James Guppy Bournemouth
410 Dan Galley Burnham on Sea
440 Macauley Mills Trowbridge
473 Mark Nicholls
714 Paul Smaldon Newton Abbott
731 Shaun Dyer Henstridge
739 Jason Moore Henstridge
739 Steve Guppy Bournemouth
743 Jake Bond Bridgwater
744 Jake Carless Taunton
775 Brad Hunt Highbridge
787 Soft Lad Bristol
788 Steve Beasant Bournemouth
841 Tomo Perkins Cornwall
878 Joe Prior Dorchester
954 Jamie Beere Newton Abbott
956 Harry Thompson WSM

Heritage F1

22 Keith Barber Bodmin
81 Johnny Painter Gloucester
113 Mike Shirley Meriden
135 Roy Clarke Castle Cary
439 Andy Tunnha Lichfield
274 Lee Fairman Cornwall
337 Bob Munt Banbury
375 Darren Burkitt Peterborough

Special Rods


6 Tim Bristow Langford
53 Angus Hawkins Bishop Sutton
120 Andy Latimer Burnham on Sea
192 Ashley Raymond Banwell
224 Jordan Edwards Bristol
335 Joey Cannon Southampton
711 Matt Gregory Frome


46 Angie Harris Yeovil
75 Gary Hunt Highbridge
108 Adam Headland Swindon
181 Ian McLaren Southampton
233 Jordan Clark Southampton
266 Micky Ford Cheddar
364 Darren Feltham Thornbury
775 Brad Hunt Highbridge
831 Scania Dave Frome
993 Darren Foss Swindon


7 Will Harraway Wrington
41 Dene Howard Frome
43 Andy Howard Frome
244 Dale Edwards Bristol
556 Stuart Garland Bristol
581 Ryan Wallace Yate
612 Dale Brace Nailsea
720 Dan Latimer Loxton


135 Jim Cannon Southampton
700 Les Brice Tiverton
701 Ben Brice Tiverton

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