PREVIEW: 13th September National Bangers Championship of the World


The next event at Mendips is The BIG ONE!

The original, oldest and hardest to win.

It's Banger World Final time. Over 100 bangers from all corners defend to the top of the hill in a veritable cornucopia of wanton destruction.

Last year, in its first year with us here at Mendips, we witnessed a true battle to the death.

Loads started, only one finished, as Ashley Garrod (337) was victorious!

In it's 50th running, who will be the champ!

Supporting are the BriSCA F2.

Tickets are limited and are selling out fast - we don't want you to miss this!

Tickets are limited and are selling out fast - we don't want you to miss this!


Please do not congregate in large groups, maintain social distancing and WEAR A MASK!!

Although the event is outside, please remember that we have to adhere to local environmental health guidelines – this is a stipulation to allow us to run. You may have done different things at different tracks, but please follow our rules. We will stop the meeting if people don’t follow this. We want to keep on racing – its short term pain for long term gain and we will not risk future meetings.

Tickets are limited and ONLY available ONLINE. Please purchase before you visit the track as tickets will NOT be available at the gates.

Keep an eye on the social channels for the latest news

The meeting starts at 1pm, but get there early AND DON’T FORGET YOUR MASK!

Drivers signed up to date are:

Bangers (122)

01 Gary Moule
2 Jack Hodges (Autospeed)
22 Ash Ridges
55 Zac Davey
57 Stuart Cumming
58 Paul Rubery
67 Rickie Beasley
73 Dean Cruickshanks
74 Adam Hitchcock
76 Matt Hodgkins
77 Aaron Charles
83 Liam Cruickshanks
83 Ben Styles
92 Liam Bartlett (Mendips Raceway)
93 Dylan Goodman
99 Shaydy Gough
100 Alec Jenner (Mendips Raceway)
100 Callum White (Trackstar)
103 Jack Deacon
107 Michael Seex
107 Taylor Pritchett
114 Liam Lake (Spedeworth)
122 Mark Cooper Jnr
129 Jonathan Brook
132 Chris Cullum
133 Terry Hill (Autospeed)
131 Sam Hill (Autospeed)
139 Thomas Dimascio
150 Ben Elliott
157 Domie Hall
160 Jamie Warr
161 Charlie Hutson
176 Ben King
178 Kieran Bowman (Trackstar)
181 Grant Doe
186 Lewis Fasey
186 Billy Slaymaker
190 Steve Bailey
192 Pavarotti Jnr
201 Phil Milner (Mendips Raceway)
204 Charlie King
208 PJ Collins
208 Kieran Barrett
208 Oddy Gamble
209 Scott Wagstaff
211 Jamie Pole (Incarace)
213 Tony Roe
219 Ben Lewis Thompson
239 Steve Carter
252 Steven Bugler (Mendips Raceway)
252 Nemo Llewellyn
257 Timmy Aldridge
259 Dan Toll
262 Rob Bugler (Mendips Raceway)
264 Shane Jennings
271 Dean Goodearl
278 Craig Taylor
292 Paul Davies (Startrax)
294 Rylee Love
299 Dale Locker (Startrax)
313 Callum Harris
327 Syd Sherman
330 Ben Key
333 Charlie Randell (Mendips Raceway)
337 Ashley Garrod (World Champion) (Trackstar)
340 Wes Freestone
341 Andrew Jones (Spedeworth)
349 Lewis Price (Mendips Raceway)
359 Danny Smith
376 Steve Hill
382 Tommy Hutchings
383 Brad Hutchings
399 Brenden Kavanagh
400 Lee Kingsnorth (Spedeworth)
410 Dan Galley
412 Hayden Galley
414 Jimmy Craig
440 Macauley Mills (Mendips Raceway)
448 Alfie Critt
449 Billy Crittenden
457 Nathaniel Wheeler
471 Trevor Perry
517 Scott Weldon
527 Will Darch
527 Jak Denikiewiz
542 Craig Oliver (Mildenhall)
548 Jamie Avery
570 Jordan Cumming (Spedeworth)
577 Alfie Lee
592 Mark Marchant
595 Ben Wall
599 Matt Butcher
601 Lee Usher
610 Devon Usher
621 Scott Kendall
623 Ricky Hutton (Incarace)
624 Liam Hide
648 Jamie Smith
669 Cal Curtis
687 Rhys Julian
714 Paul Smaldon (Mendips Raceway)
720 Kenny Gabriel Junior (Mendips Raceway)
720 Leon Bates
724 Jamie Alexander
727 Keiron Ritson
732 Archie Cullum
741 Alex Waterman
741 Charlie Daniels (Mildenhall)
742 Morgan Galley
743 Jake Bond (Mendips Raceway)
774 Matt Crawley
775 Ben Wall
799 Tom Pearce
838 Jamie Peters
842 Jack Perkins
868 Stuart Parish
890 Pavarotti (CAMSO)
900 Jamie Pickett
908 David Brown
911 Rhys Burgess-Sebourne
961 Brad Deeprose
962 Josh Pidgley
999 John Picton

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