Newsletter May 2012


For the first and last time, we have four meetings in June, due to her majesty granting us all an extra Bank Holiday one week later than usual! It would also be nice if she could see to it that we get some better Bank Holiday weather, as two wet ones in a row is enough, thanks.

Pink Ribbon Day
What a superb turnout for the Pink Ribbon day bike race! There are loads of pictures on our website, and well done to everyone who took part. An amazing £638.35 was collected on the day, which made it all so worthwhile!

Brisca F2 Stock Cars
This month is the first of our white and yellow top races, the Rookies Reward. This is open to all lower graded drivers, and is an extra race with good prize money. The more rounds you attend and the more points you score, the better your grid position for the Final in September . We are very pleased that we have attracted sponsors for all the rounds again this year, despite tough economic times, and the first round is sponsored by Ray Lines, pioneer F2 driver from Southampton . In addition, the glorious Marion Bennet Trophy is up for grabs, which was won last year by Bolton’s Phil Mann, ending a three year Chris Bradbury string of victories. PLEASE book in and let us know if you are coming.

Top Ten

886Chris Bradbury67
676Neil Hooper60
522Chris Mikulla49
290Jay Tomkins36
990Paul Rice29
835Matt Westaway26
768Tom Adcroft26
797Dan Moss25
935Nathan Maidment25
464Matt Linfield25

Four meeting for Bangers this month, starting off with a domestic 1800cc, then an unlimited World Qualifier, and then at the end of the month British Beef night and the ORCi 2 litre Summer Open.
At the last unlimited meeting there were some cars that were overbuilt, and a lot had to be modified before being allowed to race. It has to be said that some of it was in ignorance of the new engine cradle rules, but some of it was welding that is not allowed. Most of the problems were with visiting drivers and our own drivers had the right to be unhappy when their cars were correctly built. All drivers were reported back to their own promoters and we await replies. We will do our very best not to be permitting cars that are overbuilt to race in the future, and we will also be checking for welded diffs, which it was rumoured were being used at THUNDERBOLT.
Not too many cars for the Non-Mondeo meeting, but a good atmosphere and lots of smiles. Thanks to all who entertained the fairly wet crowd, especially Big Bob!
Quick reminder that British Beef night starts at 5pm this year, not 6pm

No change in grades this time, but here are the top tens

Points Championship World Qualifiers
262Rob Bugler68262Rob Bugler40
363Sam Trim6380Matt Nutley(v)26
517Scott Weldon55517Scott Weldon20
731Shaun Dyer44162Mike Cocks19
162Mike Cocks369Mavis16
1David Thomas(v)30129Lee Dalton10
311Danny Allen28270Shaun Baker7
382Jack Foster(v)28
989Dean Arm27

Paul Ashby (507) and Roona(262) attended the National Banger 2litre World Final at Hednesford on Sunday May 20th, which had some controversial lap-scoring decisions made. Sadly, they did not involve our two seeds, but well done to both for carry the Mendips Raceway banner.
Would all local teams  for the Banger Olympics make sure your entry forms are in this coming weekend. There will be spare forms in the Pit Office.

Reliant Robins
This year’s Crazy Day will be a bit different to previous ones, with a new event, and the dropping of the ramp race, until August, anyway!. We shall have a wrong way round race to start, and then Robin Football for race two. This will be done by splitting the cars into two groups, one group starting at the start line and one group at the pit gate. It will not be about speed, but skill. When the flag drops, the footballs will be thrown in in front of the cars, one for each team, and it is up to the drivers to guide the football half a lap round the track and get it over the line. The driver that gets it over the line scores five points, and then retires, leaving the others to have a go. Should be a laugh! Try not to burst the balls, and we will have probably five minutes or so. Third race we would like to have pairs, strapped side by side, but if no one wants it, then we will have a slalom or a straight race.
One more thing. Gill the lap scorer is always having problems with Robins with no roof numbers. I know they get knocked over when you roll, but a simple bit of aluminium bolted to the rain channel is not too much work, and helps here a lot.

Top Ten

499Lee Charles73
445Niki Loader43
33Jack Carnell38
266Micky Ford29
3Dan Tytheridge29
444Mark Loader26
644Mark Thompson15
264Steve Ford15
144Wayne Thompson14
99Steve Chappell13

Junior Rods
At the last meeting there were a couple of flashpoints that deserve an explanation. Natasha Howe(111) was loaded for contact after being black crossed, and members of her team were aggressive towards staff. Drivers have to understand that the Stewards decision is final, and if they approach officials in a reasonable manner, they have a better chance of having their arguments heard. Russ Milverton, you parent’s representative,  was the subject of undeserved criticism, which led him to consider whether it is worth devoting much of his time at the Raceway sorting out other peoples’ problems. He is a volunteer, and very competent, and should not be subject to this sort of treatment. Let us hope that this coming weekend will see some harmony among the Junior Rods.

No new grades this time, but here is the top ten:-

510Sid Harrison71
404Macauley Mills70
273Zoe Cambridge59
87Callum Richards50
25Brad Seymour47
796Dan Steeds39
24Sam Crane37
362Aaron Loader34
313Charlie Boorer31
16Dan Milverton31

Hot Rods

Three different winners at the last meeting, which is a good thing, and congratulations to James Griggs(258) who is making really good progress. Thanks to Wilson Hamilton for sponsoring the meeting even though he didn’t make it! The next one is for the annual Andy and Loreen Trophy, probably the longest standing trophy at Mendips Raceway for the Hot Rods, and with the weather on the way up, let’s hope for a good number of drivers to race for it. Colin is sneaking up the points chart now, so Steve needs to on his guard!

Top Ten

718Colin White66
258James Griggs58
18Larry Langmead54
117Dave Tossell52
205Mike Norton35
904Wilson Hamilton26
55Alistair Lowe16
578Rick Lee9

Special Rods
.Well done to Andy Latimer (120) for his Final win last time. Andy had not raced for ten years, from a time when he was a regular here in the bangers, and now he will be back of the grid with a red roof. Another old timer from that era is Tim Weare (304) who is also getting to grips with non contact racing, while Andy Wadley(6) has upped his game considerably last year. Also in the top four in an all white top final finish were 21 Barney senior, and 270 Slug, both of whom were having a really good day.

Anyone requiring new tyres, please phone or email me by Monday as I am ordering soon.

New grades for June

SuperstarBlue Tops
210Paul Barnes4835Mark Johns12
18Russ Colenut42136Jason Horseman12
23Ross Stuckey41304Tim Weare12
Red Tops38Conor Jeffries7
120Andy Latimer3539Craig Harris7
122Joe Rowe32175Kevin Scammell6
47Richard Howard32993Darren Foss6
43Andy Howard2744Sam Howard6
270Shaun Baker2449Rob Bevan(red)3
21Paul Barnes22
6Andy Wadley22
27Dean Quinn17
41Dene Howard16
440Steve Griffin15
173Alan Cambridge15

The Last Bit

Lap Scoring
We are very keen to recruit another lap scorer to work in Race Control. All you need to be able to do is to write quickly and concisely, and have some knowledge of the cars and numbers, although this comes with practice. You do get the best seat in the house, and there is even a free lunch and some fuel money, so if you would like to have a go, please speak to Pat in Race Control., If you try it and can’t get on with it, then there is nothing lost. Any more information please give us a ring or email-01963 220028 or

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