Newsletter August 2012


Here we are now well into the second half of the 2012 season, which has been blighted by weather to an extent none of us could believe possible. Waking up to a wet morning on July 29th after two weeks of sunshine was very depressing, but the weather turned, and the crowds turned out for the Banger Olympic meeting, which was very gratifying. Business has been so bad for so many outside leisure activities that some will not survive-not only do people have less money to spend, but constant wet weekends give them little incentive to go out.

Brisca F2 stock cars

Three meetings to go, and all have significance for the south west drivers, and the last one nationally. The next event on Sunday August 26th is the final qualifying round for the 2012 Rookies Reward series, which has not been as well supported this year, but has still run its course. The sponsor is the Beeches Holiday Park, and we thank Chris Mikulla junior and senior for their support once again. The main trophy on the day will be the annual Freddie Funnell memorial trophy, which I am sure Chris Bradbury will have his eye on, but with a borrowed/hired car at the moment he may not be on top form! The second meeting on September 23rd will feature the Final of the Rookies Reward, and bear in mind that you only need attendance points to qualify, so if you want to be init, you need to contest the round on August 26th. Finally the Grand National Championship on October 7th sponsored by JB Racing Engines will crown the season, and we hope for a West Country winner for that title.

Top Ten

886Chris Bradbury149
522Chris Mikulla84
126Jamie Avery62
676Neil Hooper60
315Justin Fisher60
768Tom Adcroft54
464Matt Linfield54
990Paul Rice49
935Nathan Maidment48
53Phil Mann38


Our grateful thanks to all who supported us on July 29th. It was so sad that so many teams committed to it and then withdrew, as they all said what a good idea it was, at the time we launched it. Special thanks to those who brought extra cars, especially Tom Davey who brought three! The crowd appreciated and enjoyed it, and there were a lot of new people experiencing banger racing for the first time. It was good that all drivers taking part raced responsibly, as we were compelled to combine Mondeos and other 2litre cars to get the numbers up. Stu Harrop (9187) is now recovering from his back injury, thankfully.

The next two meetings in August are all Rookies, and please be aware that Caravandalism 12 is fully booked with 15 entries. If there is anyone who has booked who will not be racing, then please let us know immediately, as there are reserves. We do allow water tanks in the caravan cars, but NOT in the heats and final.
At a recent ORCI Rules seminar, it was agreed that no Lexus cars pre 2005 may be fitted with lsd axles from other cars, as they were never fitted as standard. Overbuilding of cars was again discussed at length, mainly for unlimited cars, and scrutineers will be actively discouraging drivers from this practice.
Please be aware that there will be a limit of fifty cars for the West of England Championship, so please make sure you are booked in if you wish to race. In common with all other Rookie Banger promoters, we will be charging £10 per driver to race, but there will be a substantial prize fund on the Final.

Rookie Bangers


129Lee Dalton46
384Scott Benjafield38
458Kenny Dalton28
364Darren Feltham28
475Ben Sealey (v)26
109Chris Neville22
440Eddie Redmond21
13Chris Jeanes (v)19
744Jake Carless (v)17


162Mike Cocks16
175Gary Hunt (v)10
149Lee Norman10
27Dean Quinn10
27Dean Quinn10
440Macauley Mills10

All other drivers are white top, unless returning to racing with a grade held on retirement!

Reliant Robins

Thanks to all those who supported us on the 29th July, and you filled the gap left by those banger teams who withdrew, and very well! It was very obvious by the crowd reaction that many people has not seen Robin racing before, and we now look forward to the
final meeting of 2012 on August 27th. As always the meeting will have the figure of eight and the Destruction Derby, but problems with the ramp may mean we may not be running the ramp race this year. After the success of the Pairs, we may well run pairs as the second race. Either way, our sponsors are in place again, so we thank Mike Cocks and our Caterers Paul and Denise for their support again this year.

2012 Points Championship to date

499Lee Charles1351John Coombes29
445Niki Loader10199Steve Chappell24
444Mark Loader7526Russ Gillingham22
100Jerry Weeks70115Josh Collins21
266Micky Ford64369Bradley Butler21
3Dan Tytheridge62201Matt Poole20
674Matt Ashmore58270Shaun Baker20
21Brad Worthington53111Tom Ruby19
33Jack Carnell52162Mike Cocks18
144Wayne Thompson42301Fred Moore17
644Mark Thompson3839Simon Falkner13
364Darren Feltham35437Cliff Worthington12
264Steve Ford32116Sam Summerhayes12
78Mark Bowskill30443Pete Greenslade5
702Allen Cooper (v)30

Hot Rods

Congratulations to Steve Hunt(282) for his second Points Championship win, and it has been a good season for the Hot Rods. One more meeting, on August 27th for the West of England, and thanks go to Steve for his sponsorship. Regrettably he will be after winning that as well to save some money, so good luck to anyone trying to beat him! The races will be run as last year with two qualifying heats and a Final. Most improved driver of the year without doubt has been James Griggs (258) , who is to be heartily congratulated on his achievement. Only one more place to go on the points chart!

Final Points table for 2012.

282Steve Hunt150
258James Griggs122
718Colin White120
18Larry Langmead107
205Mike Norton92
117Dave Tossell82
904Wilson Hamilton77
35Neil Muddle47
55Alistair Lowe45
313Ross Hawtin13
13Rick Lee


Junior Rods

Two more meetings for the Juniors this season. Macauley Mills(404) retired after the last meeting, and this next meeting will the last for Dan Steeds(796) who has made his mark battling with the A40, just to be different. Great car in the dry, but not in the wet! Two new drivers set to join this time round, in a Micra and a Seicento, but the points championship is between Sid Harrison(510) and Zoe Cambridge(273) both in Minis, so they’re not finished yet.

2012 Points Championship to date

510Sid Harrison125224Jordan Edwards35
273Zoe Cambridge100313Charlie Boorer31
404Macauley Mills98198William Steeds26
87Callum Richards7439Sophie Harris17
362Aaron Loader69111Natasha Howe15
796Dan Steeds66761Kyle Williams13
25Brad Seymour55777Eden Bird10
24Sam Crane55703Joe Harrison9
16Dan Milverton5130Joe Capel8
203Charlie Norton49144Ashton Thompson3
61Beth Stevenson42101Jack Mintram3

Special Rods

Still very close at the top of the Points Championship with two meetings to go! There will be one more regrading after the next meeting on August Bank Holiday Monday, before the West of England Championship on October 7th. Please note that we will not be offering any day licences for the remainder of the 2012 season.

2012 Points Championship to date

23Ross Stuckey9841Dene Howard48
47Richard Howard96304Tim Weare48
210Paul Barnes8544Sam Howard39
173Alan Cambridge78270Shaun Baker38
18Russ Colenut74136Jason Horseman36
441Tom Major7021Paul Barnes33
122Joe Rowe6926Andy Bennet31
43Andy Howard596Andy Wadley24
440Steve Griffin5827Dean Quinn24
120Andy Latimer4935Mark Johns23

Marshalls and track staff

There will be a Refresher/Training session for all track staff, primarily to view and discuss the new ORCi Rescue Training DVD, on Saturday 25th August at 10am, at the Raceway, in the briefing room. While it is most important for the Rescue Team to attend, we will also be having a refresher for all staff who work on track, so everyone is welcome.

For Sale and Wanted

Wanted - Ford Cortina Ghia alloy wheels - Graham 01963 220028

Wanted - Recovery truck 3.5 tonne up to £1800 cash waiting - Steve Griffin 07909 932062

Dinner Dance 2013 - This will take place on Saturday February 9th 2013, and we have managed to keep the price at £25, as last year.

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