Newsletter 05 2009


End of Season Newsletter 2009

We ended our 2009 season on October 18th in superb style, with three new West of England Champions who each won their titles in thrilling races. Certainly Pikey went into the Banger West of England as favourite, but he didn’t have it easy, and deserved his win. Richard Howard(47) lost out last year in the Special Rods, but this year drove an immaculate race to win, under constant pressure from Sponsor Robin Bath(25), and Marcus Goldsmith(198) who had done so well to take pole. After his early season disappointments, Sam May (501) retained his title in fine style, and Steve Sayer (60) achieved one of his goals by winning the Points Championship. Expect to see him in a Special Rod in 2010.

Drivers Meeting 2009

This will take place on Sunday November 29th at the Village Hall at Farrington Gurney, which is about a quarter of a mile down the lane between the traffic lights and the Little Chef. As always, every driver is welcome, as well as MiniRod parents, and it is your chance to have your say about the racing, and get information on what is happening in 2010. If you are a first year racer, please come along, you will be welcome.

Here is the agenda for the day:-

12 noonBangers and Rookie bangers drivers meeting
1pmReliant Robin Drivers meeting
1.30pmSpecial Rod Drivers meeting
2.30pmMiniRod drivers and parents meeting
3.30pmHot Rod drivers meeting
4pmStaff meeting

The Captain will be on hand with photos and dvds for sale, for some Christmas shopping, and you can renew your Licence at a discount, or just meet up have a jaw.

Formula Two Stock Cars

 Our final 2009 meeting will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons, especially the awful crash that happened to Rob Batten. Thankfully, it seems that Rob will have no permanent damage, but the accident cast a downer on the whole of the meeting. Unfortunately, tempers frayed at the Pit Gate, and we are investigating how one of our staff had to have hospital treatment, after being knocked over in the melee that ensued when unauthorised people tried to invade the track, I always wonder just what they think they are going to do when they get to the scene of the accident, when we have the very best trained people to treat injuries, and rescue drivers. The last thing we need is an audience when we are trying to rescue an injured driver. All of our access gates are locked during racing, and no one has any authority to enter them.

It was building up to a good meeting, with a good field, and an excellent Rookies Reward Final, and it was a pleasure to see some perhaps unexpected drivers on the winning trail for our white and yellow series. Remember, most tracks allow all grades in the Final, but we never do-the money is always won by a white or yellow roof.

Chris Bradbury absolutely nailed the Points Championship, and took the Howard Cole memorial trophy as well, but sadly, it may well be the last time, as Carol Cole feels that it has a jjnx on it. 

2010 will feature an extra meeting for stock cars, as the F2 Nationals will be staged on Sunday April 18th, and we look forward to seeing all of you back again in the new season, but especially at the Dinner and Dance on February 5th.

Final points for 2009

886Chris Bradbury192
152Mick Sworder97
877Eddie Darby91
676Neil Hooper90
677Chris Roots86
642Dave Luscombe85
315Justin Fisher77
105Ross Rowe   68
812Scott Williams63
189Paul Butcher59


Although we did not have as many cars as in previous years, we certainly had quality, and that resulted in a very entertaining afternoon. A few bits of tin, some good crashing, and some good racing, and a worthy West of England Champion. Good to see the locals turning out, especially those we don’t see too often, and no one afraid to get stuck in! We will stick to this date for 2010, as we believe it is still a better option that the first Sunday in October. Martin Dalton won the Points Championship, despite not racing since August, which is certainly a great achievement to end a career on, if that is the case…..

Lots of big races for bangers in November-Ipswich World Final on the 14th, with Steve Griffin and Paul Barnes going for gold, with Sam Trim, Jamie Charles, Marcus Goldsmith and Paul Whiteman going to contest the Last Chance events. One week and a day later is the ORCi 2litre Banger teams, with Ben Tovey, Wusty, Steve Griffin, Marcus Goldsmith, Sam Trim, Mike Cocks, Paul Barnes and Darren Feltham travelling to Mildenhall to try to improve on our best ever third place from 2006.

A week after that will be Champion of Champions at Birmingham Wheels, and as Pikey has won most of the Championships, there won’t be many in that race!

There will be news about 2010 Banger dates at the Drivers Meeting.

Points and Grades for start of season 2010:-

  Red Top   Blue Top  
 190v Steve Bailey 146 162v Brett Ellacott42
 58 Martin Dalton 134 83 Andy Beaven 41
 239v Steven Carter 118 714v Paul Smaldon 38
 210 Paul Barnes 117 149 Lee Norman 37
 198 Marcus Goldsmith 116 458 Kenny Dalton 36
 208v Jimmy Randall 114 15 Ben Tovey 32
 404 Rob Mills   97 298v Sam Wyatt    30
 44 Steve Griffin 96   
 517 Scott Weldon 85   
 396 Scott Mowlam 66   
 363 Sam Trim 62   
 107 Dan Chiplen 60   
 49 Rob Bevan 43   

(v indicates visiting drivers-shown for information purposes only)


Numbers have been a little lower in the MiniRods, and that left us with an unfortunate four car race of which two finished last meeting! Should this happen in future we may be running two heats and an all in Final, with perhaps and Allcomers race at the end. Lots of change for next year, with drivers moving up and new drivers starting. It was good to see that all three in the Championship passed post race scrutineering, and it was also a very good race for the title.

Overleaf  are the Points and Grades for the Start of 2010

 Red   Blue  
 60 Steve Sayer 174(retd) 61 Alex Slogget 46
 11 Tony Munden 155 (retd) 21 Emily Moulton 45
 7 Aaron Charles 130 56 Ryan Mulley 40
 23 Jack Stuckey 128 15 Shane Jennings 38
 43 Sam Howard 106 121 Kieran Gillard  35
 501 Sam May    94 4 Jesse Milverton 34
 404 Macauley Mills 80 9 Jaz Skyrme    32
 127 Louis Aldom 71 16 Daniel Milverton 30
 22 Jordan Puddy 66 111 Natasha Howe 28
 796 Daniel Steeds 66 342 Ben Elliot 21
 79 Mason Thomas 56   
 91 Sam Bartlett 52   

Special Rods

‘One of the best races ever’ was the opinion of one spectator after the Special Rods West of England Championship, and we have to agree that it was a real nail biter. Richard Howard(47) won on the road last year, but this year it was the perfect drive, and won him the Points Championship as well. Numbers have been lower this year, but the racing has not suffered for it. We have plenty of places available for Special Rod Racing in 2010, so no waiting list, and if anyone you know wants to have a go, there has never been a better time.

October Grades will remain for the first meeting of 2010, but below is the final points chart.

 47 Richard Howard 149
 198 Marcus Goldsmith 120
 42 John Major    119
 23 Ross Stuckey 113
 173 Alan Cambridge 99
 25 Robin Bath    97
 144 Mark Thompson 68
 17 Lee Robins 61
 10 Stephen Hine 56
 41 Dene Howard 56
 136 Jason Horseman 51
 43 Andy Howard 47
 48 Steve Hodge 44
 993 Darren Foss 44
 407 Nigel Gissing 43
 83 Doug George 38
 33 Shaun Norton 34
 930 Nick Simons 32
 39 Craig Harris 31
 19 Matthew Tegg 30

The Last Bit

Driver of the Year 2009
Many of you will have voted by now for Drivers of the Year 2009. If you have been missed, and you wish to vote, please contact Nicci Port on 07879 407676 or making sure that you leave your own name and number as well as that of the driver for which you wish to vote. Remember, it is a vote for a driver who is registered with Mendips Raceway only.

Photos - If you wish to buy photos from any of our meetings-check out the track shop, or select them from the website and email

Still buying Reliant axles and propshafts-£30 each    See Graham or phone 01963 220028.

Dvds available for all of our meetings-contact Chris Dalton 01454 319000 or

Dinner and Dance Tickets available now!-01963 220028 or collect at the Drivers Meeting.
The date is Saturday February 5th 2010.
If you want to book your room at the Webbington, phone 01934 750100, and mention Mendips Raceway.

Wanted:-Sierra drivers door outer handle for the Raceway P100 truck-anyone got one?
Phone Graham on 01963 220028, and cash waiting at the Drivers Meeting.

For Sales Please let us have details of any cars for sale to go onto the website, as that is where prospective drivers will look to buy cars.


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