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Newsletter 03 2011


Newsletter June 2011

New Drivers

This Newsletter keeps you up to date with everything that is going on at the Raceway, and most importantly, your change of racing grade or roof colour. All of our formulae are regraded usually after every two meetings, and once notified, you must repaint your car roof in the correct grading colour.

Booking in to Race

It is important to book in, so that we know how many drivers we will have at each meeting, to decide the number of races. We at Mendips Raceway make it very easy by offering you the chance to book for your next meeting when you sign on for the present meeting, but you can also visit the website and book in online, or phone us on 01963 220028 .

If you are a banger driver and wish to race elsewhere, we do the booking for you-just let us know where and when you wish to race away and we will book you. This does not apply to non ORCi tracks.

Brisca F2 Stock Cars

Thanks to everyone who attended the last meeting, and sincere congratulations to Phil Mann (53) for his very first Final win, and so pleased that it was a real annual trophy! We miss our usual June date as the British Championship is on at Belle Vue, but we welcome everyone for our July date, Sunday 24th which is our annual Cancer Charity day. We have raised around £15000 over the past 10 years, and we are delighted that the stock cars will be racing on that day for the Pink Ribbon Trophy, which has been made especially for this occasion. Please make the effort to race on that day, as cancer is a terrible disease that affects every family, and we always have a great day fundraising, and the more outrageous pink stunts the better! Have a look at the 2010 pictures on our website to get the idea!

Top Ten

886       Chris Bradbury              72

676       Neil Hooper                   68
921       Jack Aldridge                64
522       Chris Mikulla                 52
783       James Rygor                37

835       Matt Westaway              34

53        Phil Mann                      32

464       Matt Linfield                  28

315       Justin Fisher                 26

374       Gary Stephens              26


Two more meetings come and gone in May, and they were both very good, with 33 cars attending both 1800s and Unlimiteds. On Sunday 29th unfortunately, Darren Wade(891) was banned for three months after an infield attack on Sam Trim (363), and Paul Smaldon(714) loaded for attacking after the red flags had been shown. On Monday, the racing was also very heavy, but no further penalties were issued. It would not be right for us to comment on the seven drivers that have been banned by their promotion for missing a championship event on their home track, but there have always been cases where relationships break down between drivers and promoters, and drivers feel that they have to move on. We have always had Devon and Cornwall drivers register with us, and Bristol are drivers have registered at Autospeed, so this is not new. What I would like to think is that if a number of our drivers felt they wanted to race elsewhere, then they would feel able to talk to us about it, and we would understand.

I bet Pete Stanley is fed up already with being called a veteran, but he certainly has turned on the style this year in both Track points and World Qualifying, so well done there!

Filo’s CRASHMANIA is next month, and we really need to have those forms in soonest!! You can enter and pay next meeting, at British Beef night, so don’t forget.

Finally on June 26th the BBA English Championship will be run as first race, with the top fifteen Mendips drivers plus fifteen seeds from other ORCI promotions, including the defending Champion 247 Lee ‘Bro’ Clarke, making his debut. The exact split will depend on visiting driver support.

Top Tens

40         Pete Stanley                 98                     40         Pete Stanley                 56

517       Scott Weldon                95                     517       Scott Weldon                53

363       Sam Trim                      68                     210       Paul Barnes                  46

58         Martin Dalton                67                     252       Steve Bugler (v)                        42

790       Dominic Gumbleton       56                     44         Steve Griffin                 37

44         Steve Griffin                 56                     58         Martin Dalton                23

210       Paul Barnes                  46                     446       Jason Burt                    21

252       Steve Bugler (v)                        42                     9          Adam Elias                   19

224       Dale Edwards               40                     15         Ben Tovey                    16

303       Jason Oliver                  39                     224       Dale Edwards               15

Caravan Race 2011

If you are intending to take part in the 2011 Caravandalism event on August 29th, please book in as soon as possible. We will limit bookings this year to 15 caravans as last year was just too big, and while the crowd loves to see the caravans smashed, the constant starts and restarts mean they soon get bored with it, so as there is a lovely trophy to be win, we really need to try and get a race out of it, or try to find a different way of establishing a winner.

Reliant Robins

Well done to everyone who took part in Crazy Day-it was a bit different and produced three winners. Everyone should be back for the next one on June 26th to give us a good field.

Once again Race Control forgot to award the Entertainers awards last meeting, so we will definitely give them out next time!

Top Ten

499       Lee Charles                   82

3          Dan Tytheridge              52

87         Barry Richards              48

444       Mark Loader                  38

78         Mark Bowskill                37

333       Mark Neville                  34

445       Niki Loader                   33

9          Adam Elias                   33

162       Mike Cox                      26

111       Tom Ruby                     22

Junior Rods

More new drivers in the Juniors, and a very tricky track at the start of last meeting, but everyone coped with it well. With the number still around the twenty mark, we have decided to change the format for now to two heats, with 8 drivers going to the Final, Final, and then an Allcomers race with the Final winner taking a half lap handicap. This gives the better drivers more races, until such time as the numbers build back up and we can go back to full format. This means all races are 10 points to win-no double points in the Final. The car mix is still working well, but we are working towards taking bumpers off all cars as the season progresses, and removing the plating that has been fitted to replace grilles on Minis.

Grades will change after the next meeting, but here are the points.

Top Ten

127       Louis Aldom                 82

510       Sid Harrison                  71

796       Daniel Steeds               58

404       Macauley Mills              55

397       Caine Down                  36

6          Connor Jeffries             35

87         Callum Richards            34

111       Natasha Howe               31

14         Andrew Russell             23

205       Charlie Norton               23

Hot Rods

Good to see two more drivers back at the last meeting, although Rick Lee still has some engine grief to sort out. If everyone managed to turn up together it would be brilliant! Steve Hunt (282) has now got quite a good lead in the points, and if he keeps up his appearances looks good for the Championship this year. Many thanks to Andy and Loreen once again for their continued sponsorship on May 29th, and to Wilson Hamilton(904) for supporting the May 2nd date(and taking his own trophies home! The Saturday night meeting on June 25th is for the huge Parkhouse Family Trophy, and then the final points scoring meeting is July 24th, with Filo’s Crashmania.

Top Ten

282       Steve Hunt                    104

18         Larry Langmead            93

718       Colin White                   88

55         Alistair Lowe                 63

205       Mike Norton                              58

258       James Griggs               45

904       Wilson Hamilton            29

117       Dave Tossell                 26

578       Rick Lee                       13

89         Mick Cave                     12

Special Rods

Another tremendous Final at the May 30th meeting won by Points Champions Russ, who now seems to be the man to beat, after a fairly quiet start to the season. The new gardes will be in force for June 26th, and are listed below. I have not dropped Jack Stuckey(22) or Tony Robbins(13) to blue as they missed a meeting, and therefore remain red. We do carry a small stock of new tyres if anyone wants them, and always have used 13” in stock.


18         Russ Colenutt               89

23         Ross Stuckey               86

47         Richard Howard             78

Red Blue

42         John Major                    65                     13         Paul Robins(red)           27

41         Dene Howard                54                     731       Dave Ruby                    27

173       Alan Cambridge                        48                     925       Robert Parsons             27

39         Craig Harris                   40                     22         Jack Stuckey(red)         25

10         Stephen Hine                40                     17         Lee Robins                   24

122       Joe Rowe                     38                     35         Mark Johns                   14

43         Andy Howard                37                     136       Jason Horseman           14

372       Tom Cambridge                        33                     270       Shaun Baker                 11

60         Steve Sayer                  33                     171       Shane Newman             10

19         Matthew Tegg               31

210       Paul Barnes                  29

The Last Bit

Dinner and Dance: the 2012 Dinner and Dance will take place on Saturday February 4th 2012 at the Webbington Hotel, if you need to book the time, or the Hotel.

Break In

There was another break in recently at the track, where damage was caused and a car was abandoned in the car park. Any information that comes to light would be welcome.

For Sale

3.89 and 3.54 Escort diffs , half shafts and axle casings.

01963 220028

Kai May (502)

Following his crash at THUNDERBOLT XI, Kai has been having treatment for a broken kneecap. At first, it was set in a cast, but that has now been removed and he has metal splints. He is due to see his specialist in two weeks to see if an operation will be required, but he is unlikely to get back to fitness until late August. We wish him well, and hope that this is an accurate forecast for his return to good health.

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