Mendips Raceway

National Bangers - Update


Following injuries to two Mendips Raceway National Banger drivers in two successive weekends, and in accordance with guidelines issued by the ORCI concerning over aggressive and dangerous driving, we have decided that we will not be accepting bookings from certain Autospeed registered drivers until further notice.

We have watched a war develop between home and away drivers over the past few months, which has been entertaining for the spectators, but we feel that it has now got out of hand, and having carried out a risk assessment, we feel that it would be a dereliction in our duty of care to our drivers to allow this to continue. We will be warning all of our registered drivers via our Newsletter about their future driving conduct, and will not hesitate to suspend their licences if they fail to heed the warnings.

National Banger racing is an exciting and physical sport, and very entertaining by it’s nature, but there have to be limits.

We have notified Autospeed of our intentions, and they will be contacting the drivers concerned. It would not be right to name those d rivers until they have been notified by their promoter.

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