National Banger Forum


The ORCi promoters in the south west have organised an open National Banger Forum meeting, to take place on Monday October 7th. There are many problems in National Bangers that need to be addressed, and promoters are keen to hear the views of all drivers, with a view to simplifying and rewriting the rules. A similar meeting takes place in East Anglia on September 30th, and the feedback from that meeting will be available.

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm on October 7th at the Holiday Inn Express (not the Holiday Inn) at Blackbrook just off the M5 motorway at Taunton. Space is fairly restricted, so we would ask that only registered National Banger drivers take part, and this meeting will not be discussing Rookie Bangers. As far as Mendips Raceway is concerned, our traditional drivers meeting will take place on Sunday November 24th as usual.

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