Micro-Massacre - Practice Day Weekend - Competitors Only


APRIL 17/18TH - Competitors Only

Following Government guidelines set on 8th April, we have today been informed by Sedgemoor Council we are unable to run with spectators for this upcoming weekend, but can continue ahead with the event, for COMPETITORS ONLY.

We are absolutely devastated that spectators will not be able to attend this weekend’s upcoming events.

All tickets will be refunded, less the commission taken by TicketTailor. You will not need to apply for refunds, as you will be refunded automatically.

For Drivers - we are afraid this means a £20 charge for all to enter the stadium as a one time only Pay to Race fee, and unfortunately, the new ruling means that it is now set at Driver +1.  We understand, if you wish to unbook, and please message the page or let Jack Bunter, Rob Mills or Paul May know ASAP.

Practice Day will run as normal, but drivers can only bring 1 person.

We are gutted for all our loyal fans, so agonisingly close to a return to racing, but we are once again enabled to run with our fans, by our side from May 17th, providing there isn’t another sudden late change in the guidance.

Sunday May 2nd and Monday May 3rd meetings, are currently being considered for postponement to a suitable date, for spectator entries.

We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.

Graham, Pat and Jack Bunter

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