Newsletter 02 2009


Newsletter June 2009  Dear Drivers, 

After a hectic start to 2009, we pause to draw breath before the summer series of meetings gets under way. Due to the calendar, we have a five week break now until June 27th and 28th, which are much anticipated. We have had good driver support, and some very good crowds this year, which is due, we presume. To people spending their leisure cash at home rather than abroad, and realising just what good value for money our form of entertainment is.


Many of you will also know that we have spent heavily on new advertising channels in 2009, with a series of campaigns on Kiss 101 radio, and 50,000 leaflets being distributed through Take One outlets in various locations. The Raceway always responds to good crowds, and everyone loves racing when the sun is out and there are plenty of appreciative visitors on the banks.

Stock Cars


With attendances of 44 and 40 cars at our two May meetings, and good support from the white and yellow tops, the stock car racing has been fast and entertaining on two good dry days. The first two Rookies Rounds have had two different winners, in fact two completely different podiums, which is the essence of this competition, and we are pleased that we now have  only one unsponsored round left, if you know anyone who would like to step up. The next Round is sponsored by Northward Solutions, on Sunday 28th June. We know that there were some problems over the race line up at the last meeting, when an early yellow flag was followed very quickly by a red flag, but these were pretty unusual circumstances, and our new Steward was quick to admit that it could have been a wrong call, but safety is paramount, and with a wheel lying on the track, the race needed to be stopped as quickly as possible.  Finally, it was the first time that we have held one of our major Banger events on the same day as the Stock Cars, although this happens regularly elsewhere, and it appears to have been a success, with the large crowd present appreciating both formulae, and our efficient staff making sure the track was clean as possible for your races. This will certainly continue, and we are staging our Banger Summer Open on June 28th, at the next stock car event. TOP TEN 886       Chris Bradbury             84677       Chris Roots                  67642       Dave Luscombe            53152       Mick Sworder                53189       Paul Butcher                 44315       Justin Fisher                 40116       Ashley Rundle               37105       Ross Rowe                   34530       Matthew Deeble            34779       Cameron Pugh              29



The Axminster Power Tools THUNDERBOLT IX was generally rated as one of the best yet, but was spoiled by the unfortunate events at the end of the Allcomers race. A badly misjudged attempt at a head on by Kelvin Cole (91) could have resulted in serious injury to race winner Scott Mowlam (396) whose automatic reaction was to attack Cole through the windscreen.


At the Board of Control that followed, Kelvin Cole was handed a twelve month ban, with eight months suspended, and by Management Committee decision, Scott Mowlam was handed the automatic ORCI twelve month ban for physical violence. Due to his previously unblemished record, and the provocation, ten month were suspended, and Scott may return to racing in July. In both cases, the suspended portion of the ban will remain in place until May 2010, and any further trouble will see the suspended portion imposed.   

Apart from that, the meetings so far this year have been pretty special, with plenty of visitors, and some top action. It is really good to see how many young drivers are coming through, especially the second generation Cheddar Headers, the Hooliganz, the Webber brothers, and some old timers like Dave Carter really enjoying their racing. Dave Dalton will be back again this summer as well!


The next two meetings will be British Beef and the first £1000 Summer Open for 2litre ORCi bangers. If anyone has an old Ford that needs an engine, just give us a ring and we’ll talk through the options.


The Summer Open will run THUNDERBOLT style, with two heats, consolation and all in Final, dependent on driver numbers, and once again it carries sponsorship from Parker Hydraulics, who covered the English Championship in 2008. Drivers wishing to race in CARAVANDALISM in August may use a water tank FOR THAT RACE only, and tanks cannot be fitted for the Rookie Banger races on the day. RED TOPS                                           BLUE TOPS58         Martin Dalton                106       136       Paddy Connelly             29404       Rob Mills                      66         364       Darren Feltham              1944         Steve Griffin                  65         162       Mike Cox                      17198       Marcus Goldsmith         56           27       Paul Quinn                   14517       Scott Weldon                56         441       Craig Griffin                  13210       Paul Barnes                  47         176       Ben King                       1283         Andy Beaven                41           40       Pete Stanley(red)           10458       Kenny Dalton                36396       Scott Mowlam               32363       Sam Trim                      32107       Dan Chiplen                  22  

Bangers World Qualifying

 58         Martin Dalton                7644         Steve Griffin                  59208       Jimmy Randall  *           56517       Scott Weldon                47198       Marcus Goldsmith         46404       Rob Mills                      46210       Paul Barnes                  41458       Kenny Dalton                36239       Steven Carter*               27363       Sam Trim                      24


* included for information only

Special RodsMore good racing in the Special Rods this month, with John Major (42) now just leading the points after some exceptional drives. If anyone looking for 13” second hand tyres, I should have some more available at the July meeting.        

Here are the new grades-please make sure your roof is painted down to the waistline.

 SUPERSTAR                                        BLUE TOPS42          John Major                   84         48         Steve Hodge                 3147         Richard Howard            83          407       Nigel Gissing                29173       Alan Cambridge            69          45         Shaun Jennings             29RED TOPS                                            33         Shaun Norton                27         23         Ross Stuckey               61         19         Matthew Tegg               23198       Marcus Goldsmith         61          122       Joe Rowe                     2310         Stephen Hine                51          8          Andrew Morgan             19144       Mark Thompson            50          136       Jason Horseman           1725         Robin Bath                    50         993       Darren Foss                  1441         Dene Howard                41          111       Jim Munden                  1317         Lee Robins                   38         43         Andy Howard                3683         Doug George                32930       Nick Simons                 32 MiniRodsSadly we had to rescue another driver last meeting, but again we are pleased that Natasha Howe has suffered no further ill effects, and we hope she will be back soon, as did Jess Milverton, the meeting before. Our scrutineer and drivers rep will be checking on hjelmet fitting at the next meeting, as St John Ambulance think it may be that some helmets may be moving too much under impact and causing neck and back soft tissue damage. Meantime, that battle for the points is very close, and there has been some epic racing form the top drivers, and it is good to see younger drivers on their way up. The new grades are below-please paint your roof clearly in the grading colour, and down to the waistline of the car.             RED TOPS                                           BLUE TOPS 11         Tony Munden                 94        91         Sam Bartlett                  3660         Steve Sayer                  93         56         Ryan Mulley                  297          Aaron Charles                91        15         Shane Jennings             2823         Jack Stuckey                 82       21         Emily Moulton               2822         Jordan Puddy                66         61         Alex Slogget                  2543         Sam Howard                  50        501       Sam May (silver)           2579         Mason Thomas             46         9          Jaz Skyrme                   22796       Daniel Steeds               40         32         Dan Baker                     20404       Macauley Mills              40         18         Jack Caulfield               15127       Louis Aldom                 38         121       Kieran Gillard                 14 Hot Rods Thanks to some hard work and generosity, the first Hot Rods Spring Classic produced a better field of cars and some great Hot Rod racing. Thanks to Andy and Loreen Harris, and Dora Tossell, and all of those who chipped in with some cash, Wilson Hamilton had enough to buy his diesel home!  Seriously, it is going from strength to strength, and we hope it continues, as we have kept faith with the cars, and you, the drivers have responded. We look forward to the last two meetings, which, incredibly, are only a couple of months to go.


Anyone who has not visited the excellent should do so, and we applaud the efforts of those who contribute to and manage it.  Hot Rods Top Ten26         Ross Loram                  59718       Colin White                   5888         Alan Shelper                 56117       Dave Tossell                 54205       Mike Norton                  54904       Wilson Hamilton            5418         Larry Langmead            42775       Phil Parkhouse             24734       Ralph Sanders             17

24         Paul Bennet                 16


Reliant Robins Numbers have been lower this year, but the crowd still enjoy the Robin racing, although it is more racing and less rolling! Having said that, no one is immune from the rollovers, as Mike Jones and Jon Coombes have come a pearler in the last couple of meetings. Well done to Barry Richards for winning the Mildenhall World Qualifier, and to all those who made the effort to take cars to the Millennium Stadium for Monster Jam. Top Ten


87         Barry Richards              8359         Mike Jones                   6758         Martin Dalton                5878         Mark Bowskill                50658       Ken Burrows                 433          Dan Tytheridge              3246         Jon Coombes               29250       Ryan Withers                 24909       Dan Moss                     21159       Katie Jones                   19 Sales and wants MiniRod for sale - Terry Chapman 07775 738950 

Graham and Pat Bunter

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