Mendips Raceway Golden Jubilee


Raceway Reunion!

Mendips Raceway Golden Jubilee Logo2019 marks fifty years since Mendips Raceway opened on Easter Sunday April 6th 1969, and to help us celebrate, we are inviting any of the pioneer drivers to join us on East Sunday April 21st 2019. If you raced in the first thirty years from 1969 until 1999, we are inviting you to join us for the 20th staging of the Gerry Dommett Memorial Trophy, raced for in honour of the man who built the track in the winter of 1968/69. Ideally, sent us a photo of your first car, and the years that you raced, and we will invite you to be present, as our guest, on this very special occasion. We hope that drivers can meet up and exchange memories, and enjoy a day out at the Raceway, and we will have a photograph of all of you for the records, and a list of names and race numbers to go into the archives.

Please contact us by email with your photos, and racing  history, and we will invite you to the Raceway free of charge, to celebrate with us.

Drivers April 6th 1969

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