Newsletter 03 2009


Newsletter August 2009

We are once again heading into the second half of the season, and those of you who were at Filo’s Crashmania 2 will know just how bad the summer of 2009 has been. We have been relatively lucky this year with weather, but on July 26th it all came back to haunt us. It looked black all morning, but as the cars arrived and scrutineering got going, I though we might get away with it, but as we got into the second half of the programme, the famous Mendips Mist came down reducing visibility to perhaps less than twenty metres, and there was no point in continuing.

Once the decision was made, the rain became torrential, and, as could have been predicted, by the time everyone had packed up, the  mist had lifted and the track was clear. It was a terrible decision to have to make, but in the interest of safety, it was the right one. We were most concerned for the drivers who had travelled a great distance to be there, but I believe they agreed that it was too dangerous to continue.

Having said that, we can only hope that that was it for 2009, and we can look forward to a great August Bank Holiday, which is always one of the high points of the season!

Formula Two Stock Cars

August 30th is the last Qualifying Round for the Rookies Reward Series of 2009, which has been well supported yet again, and we thank all those who have sponsored it this year. The Final is in September, as usual, and will, as always be open to white and yellow graders on the September 2009 Grading List, and the highest scorers in each grade will take pole in their grades. There will be good money on offer, so make sure you get some points to get on the grid.

Chris Bradbury(886) looks set for another points Championship, but one year ago, who would have bet on Mick Sworder (152)  being in second place? The annual Freddie Funnell Memorial Trophy is up for grabs on August 30th, to celebrate the career of the pioneer F2 racer, who would probably be dumbfounded to see the sport still growing fifty years later! Next year, 2010, is the fiftieth year of Formula two, and will be commemorated by a special series of events around the country.

Top Ten

886  Chris Bradbury      120
152  Mick Sworder         82
677  Chris Roots            71
642  Dave Luscombe      62
812  Scott Williams        56
189  Paul Butcher          55
105  Ross Rowe            52
315  Justin Fisher          51
530  Matthew Deeble     49
935  Nathan Maidment   46


The next meetings on August Bank Holiday are both Rookie Banger meetings, with CARAVANDALISM 9 on the Monday. You may bring two cars for Monday, although it should not really be necessary, and you may fit a water tank to your rookie, BUT ONLY FOR THE CARAVAN RACE.

We will be paying £25 per caravan start money, but the caravan must be painted, and must be stripped. Anyone arriving with a caravan with all its furniture will not be allowed to race, as disposal of caravans is now an expensive business. If you have something old or unusual for the caravans, let us know, we love to see it raced. There is already one rare beast entered, and it would be good to see some more! Please let us know if you will be racing-on the phone or on the website.

The annual Banger Specification meeting took place at the ORCi back in June, and almost every promotion in the ORCi was represented by their promoter and scrutineer, to discuss the future of Banger racing and formulate rules and regulations. The most important decision to come from that meeting was to permit the use of fuel injected cars in unlimited banger meetings from the beginning of 2010, which should open up this particular formula to a lot of cars that were previously not usable, such as Mercedes, BMW and the like. The precise wording is not yet completed, but it proposed that only very short runs of high pressure fuel lines will be allowed, and it is likely that pumps will be under the bonnet. This major change should benefit the sport, and perhaps lead to the ORCI accepting other fuel injected cars in smaller classes.

The World Finals are coming around, so anyone who wishes to be considered for these should let me know. As always, it is highest in the World Qualifers charts that get precedence. Alternative World at Taunton is on Sunday September 6th, National Bangers is on Sunday September 20th at Arena Essex-and there is one more QR to come, which is after these two, but will count for Ipswich in November.

Bangers Top Ten

58  Martin Dalton               134
190  Steve Bailey              117
208  Jimmy Randall           114
198  Marcus Goldsmith      102
210  Paul Barnes                 81
44  Steve Griffin                   77
239  Steven Carter               72
404  Rob Mills                     70
517  Scott Weldon               56 
107  Dan Chiplen                 50

Bangers World Qualifiers

58  Martin Dalton                 76
44   Steve Griffin                  59
208  Jimmy Randall*            56
517  Scott Weldon               47
198   Marcus Goldsmith       46
404  Rob Mills                     46
210  Paul Barnes                 41
458  Kenny Dalton               36
239  Steven Carter*              27
363   Sam Trim                    24

*for information only


At the meeting on June 28th, Shane Jennings (15) was judged to have used excessive contact on the car of Jaz Skyrme (9) and has been banned for one meeting.

After reviewing the dvd of Sunday May 3rd, the result of the Final ahs been corrected. Aaron Charles (7) had lost a lap on lap 13, and has therefore been dropped from 3rd to 6th place, and the points chart adjusted.

No new grades this month, but here are the top ten scorers after June 28th

60  Steve Sayer              122
7  Aaron Charles             112
23  Jack Stuckey            103
11  Tony Munden            102
43  Sam Howard               76
22  Jordan Puddy              66
79  Mason Thomas           56
91  Sam Bartlett               52
127 Louis Aldom              51
404  Macauley Mills         48

Special Rods

After the disaster of July 26th, we can only look forward to the August Bank Holiday-always a good meeting for the Special Rods. We have decided that the only fair way of treating the events of July are to make the results null and void, as only sixteen drivers had the opportunity of scoring points. No points will be awarded for that meeting.

Hot Rods

Well done to all who raced in the mist! We shall award points for that first race, as everyone had the opportunity to score. This month is, hard to believe, the climax of the season for the Hot Rods, and features the annual West of England Championship, sponsored once again this year by John Wood Tyres. John has been a great supporter of Hot Rod racing here over the years, and although we had lost touch, a recent conversation led to him being a very willing sponsor of the biggest event of our season. As we were forced to curtail the racing on July 26th, the meeting Final will be for Amelia’s Trophy, donated by the Reeves family in celebration of the life of their little girl who was taken with cancer. Grandad Phil Reeves raced Hot Rods here as 117 for many years, and brother Keith is still our Car Park superintendent!

Here is the Top Ten

26  Ross Loram             88 
205  Mike Norton           85 
117  Dave Tossell          77 
88  Alan Shelper            77 
718  Colin White            68 
904  Wilson Hamilton     63 
775  Phil Parkhouse      48 
18 Larry Langmead        42 
734 Ralph Sanders        37 
35  Neil Mewdell            28 

Reliant Robins

The final 2009 event for the pigs comes up as always on the 31st August, and once again, there is the Caterers Cup up for grabs on the Figure of Eight Final. The ‘unnofficial’ Destruction Derby is covered by Mike Cocks family, with the Holly, Jamie and Charlie Trophy, so we’re all set for another great finish to the season. The Points Championship will also be presented-remember how it went all the way down to the wire last year!

Here is the Top Ten:-

87  Barry Richards   110
59  Mike Jones          94
58  Martin Dalton       79
78  Mark Bowskill      59
46  Jon Coombs        50
658  Ken Burrows      45
909  Dan Moss          43
250  Ryan Withers     35
3  Dan Tytheridge       32
159  Katie Jones        25

The Last Bit

Photos - If you wish to buy photos from any of our meetings-check out the track shop, or select them from the website and email

Still buying Reliant axles and propshafts - £30 each:  See Graham or phone 01963 220028.

Dvds available for all of our meetings:  Contact Chris Dalton 01454 319000 or

Dinner and Dance Tickets available now!   At the Office or 01963 220028. 

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