Mendips Raceway

REPORT: Monday 28 March 2016


Although on a few occasions there was a few spots of rain the rain held off until after the meeting had finished and the sun even showed its face on a couple of occasions!!
304 Tim Weare was on treble duty racing the Banger Vans, Special Rods and Robins and 58 Martin Dalton was racing the Banger Vans and the Robins.

In the Van Bangers 27 Dean Quinn and 189 Jamie Knox, won the Top Tin Awards, most drivers had Ford Transits apart from 9 Mavis in a Bedford CF Campervan, and 54 Tom Davey in a Citroen Relay, and 440 Mac Mills in a LDV.  In the 1st Heat there were 10 Vans out,27 Dean Quinn eventually managed to force his way past 256 Jamie Turner for the lead Dalton was getting stuck in and spun 54 Tom Davey, and 189 Jamie Knox T-boned Davey, and Davey later returned the favour and spun Dalton out, Turner got spun out, and Davey got T-Boned by 189 Jamie Knox. Quinn went onto win from 262 Roona. 10 Vans also made it out for the 2nd Heat amongst the pushing  Mavis was receiving a lot of attention!! Dalton and Davey was having fun and games, and Weare spun Dalton out, and Roona spun Davey out, and Knox spun Turner, and Weare spun 199 Tom Pearce, and Knox got spun out and there was a pile up involving Dalton, Quinn, Knox, and Pearce. Roona took the win, from Quinn, 9 Vans made it out for the Final amongst the pushing, Weare spun Turner, Knox spun Mavis, and Pearce T-Boned Mavis big time wrecking his caravan, then went round and T-Boned him again! Pearce spun Davey, then Davey re-joined and Pearce picked him up and put him into the wall, and Turner Jacked up Pearce, and there was a stoppage for Turner, and the race was declared as, Roona the winner, from Quinn, Weare. 5 Vans made it out for the allcomer’s into a D/D with one Van waiting for the D/D. Quinn won the allcomers race from Roona. Amongst the action in the D/D Weare got spun out and, Turner T-Boned Pearce, and Weare was the meat in the sandwich between Pearce, and Quinn, and Mills jacked up Quinn, then Mills and Quinn backed out, and Quinn run into the back of Mills which killed Quinn’s Van, leaving Mill’s van the only one running.

In the Special Rods there were 7 white tops who all had a good pace, again there was a lot of close racing and overtaking they was running a 2/3rds format with an all in Final. 18 cars came out for the 1st Heat, 29 Dave Dalton opted to start of the grid as new comer and was doing well until somebody accidently ran into the back of him 35 Mark Johns outdaragged pole sitter 831 Dave Benford for the early lead from 45 Tim Seaford, 108 Steve Brown quickly got up from 7th to 4th with 43 Andy Howard closely behind him. Brown and A. Howard found a way past Seaford, and Benford then Johns mostly on the outside to take the lead, Brown went on to win from, A. Howard. 16 cars made it out for the 2nd heat Johns outdragged pole sitter 556 Stuart Garland for the early lead from Dalton, and 701 Ben Brice was quickly up from 6th to 4th, then Dalton and Brice went round the outside of Garland for 2nd and 3rd, Garland had a spin on the pit bend and then 47 Richard Howard ended up in the turnstile bend wall bringing out the reds Johns led the re-start from Dalton, Brice, then 41 Dene Howard, Johns went wide and Dalton didn’t need a 2nd invite to take the lead closely followed by Brice and D.Howard. D.Howard then tried the outside of Brice but couldn’t make it stick and dropped a couple of places and tangled with Brown sending them both into a ½ spin and out of the running, leaving them stranded for a bit. 5 Alan Lettley, and 426 Russ Colenut had a good battle for 2nd which Colenut eventually got the better off, Brice went on to win from Colenut (from 16th on the grid). There were 14 cars out for the 3rd heat Johns took the early lead from, Seaford, then, Dalton, D.Howard was quickly up to 4th from 7th on the grid, and 85 Andy Pincott quickly from 8th to 5th, and D.Howard, and Pincott past the lead three cars mostly out outside, and Dalton retired, D.Howard went onto take the win from, Pincott, then.  19 cars made it out for the Final Benford outdragged pole sitter Garland for the early lead Seaford then went round the outside of Benford to relieve him of the lead Garland got back up to 2nd for a while with Brice behind him from D.Howard then Pincott, then Brice found a way past Garland followed by the rest of the pack, then D.Howard and Pincott went round the outside of Brice for 2nd, R.Howard had a half spin and was collected by 192 Ashley Raymond and R.Howard lost a wheel bringing out the reds, Seaford led the re-start from D.Howard then, Pincott, then Brice, on the last few laps Seaford went wide and D.Howard nipped up his inside, and Seaford hit the fence, and as Seaford was crawling around the outside Benford accidently jacked him up!! D.Howard went on to take the win from Pincott, then Brice.

There was a good mix of cars in the Junior Rods, including Nissan Micras, Vauxhall Novas, and Corsas, Minis, and a Citroen AX. The Junior Rods also had a lot of close racing with a lot of overtaking, and they also ran a 2/3rds format with an all in Final 15 cars came out for the 1st heat 70 Amie Trott outdragged 10 Kaitlin Kelly for the early lead from 26 Leah Bennet, then Bennet found a way past both of them to take the lead, from 75 Jack Buckingham, and 36 Josh Weare quickly got up from 10th to 3rd  then Buckingham and Weare went round the outside of Bennet, for lead, then Weare then went round the outside of Buckingham to take then lead, Weare then built up a big lead further back 376 Daniel Kent, 108 Adam Headland, then 66 Becky Pearce was carving their way through the pack from the back, Kent managed to reel in Weare but was too far back to challenge for the lead, Weare went onto win from Kent, B.Pearce, and, Headland. 15 cars came out for the 2nd Heat 77 Jacob Filer quickly got from 6th to take the early lead from 21 Kyan Passco, then Weare quickly got up to 2nd from 11th with 88 Charlie Pearce closely behind, Weare went round the outside of Filer for the lead, and as C.Pearce was going round the outside off Filer and C.Pearce spun out, 300 Charlie Ayles then got into 2nd then Ayles then found a way past Weare for the lead, then J.Edwards ended up in the wall causing a stoppage, Ayles led the re-start from Weare, then 190 Ewan Gumbleton and that is how it stayed to the flag. 13 cars came out for the 3rd Heat the Red Tops were a bit too eager and jumped the start causing a complete re-start. Trott briefly lead the re-start before Passco took up the running from Filer then C.Pearce (from 8th on the grid), then C.Pearce went round the outside of Filer then Passco to take the lead with Kent, Gumbleton, B.Pearce, Ayles closely behind, then Passco and B.Pearce had a coming together, then Kent had a ½ spin, and Edwards ended up in the wall bringing about a stoppage C.Pearce led the re-start from, Gumbleton , then Bennet, then Ayles. Ayles then found a way past Bennet for 3rd, Gumbleton tried to go round the outside of C.Pearce but couldn’t make it stick and Ayles nipped up his inside to take 2nd. C.Pearce went on to win from Ayles, then Gumbleton. 17 cars came out for the final 101 Jack Mintram outdragged pole sitter 100 Thomas Weeks for the lead followed by Filer, Weare, and C.Pearce. Weare tried to round the outside of Filer as he was going round the outside of Mintram and they had a coming together and Weare spun out, leaving Filer in the lead, further back Ayles, and Gumbleton was having a good battle as they worked their way from near the back of the grid sometimes even going three abreast!! then C.Pearce went round the outside of Filer for the lead then Kent, and Ayles, and, Gumbleton went round the outside of Filer. C.Pearce went on to win from Kent (from 16th on the grid), then Ayles (from last on the grid), then Gumbleton.

In the Reliant Robins 13 cars came out for the 1st heat 58 Martin Dalton took the early lead, 17 Peter Hurd went on his side and then flipped back onto his other side causing a stoppage Dalton led the re-start from 304 Tim Weare then 24 George Gillingham. 16 Darren Russell put 900 Will Gardener on his side, and Weare passed Dalton for the lead, and Dalton and G.Gillingham was swapping places, on the last lap G.Gillingham squeezed Dalton wide and 90 Joe Cambridge nipped up there inside to steal 2nd place Weare (from last on the grid) went on to win from Cambridge then Gillingham, and Gardener got the entertainer award. 13 cars came out for the 2nd heat 101 Gordan Mintram nearly rolled D.Russell, then Weare put D.Russell on his roof about the same time at the other corner Gardener had a rollover, causing a stoppage, Cambridge led the re-start from G.Gillingham, then Dalton, Mintram put himself on his side and slid along and bounced back up on to all three!! Weare took the win from G.Gillingham, and Mintram got the entertainer award. There was 15 Robins out for the Final 392 Josh Sale put Hurd on his side causing a stoppage, 266 Micky Ford led the re-start, from G.Gillingham, G.Gillingham shot straight into the lead followed by Cambridge, then as Cambridge was going through the backmarkers he launched 331 Mark Junge on to his side bringing about another stoppage Cambridge led the re-start from Dalton, Sale spun 119 Stacey Howe out, and as Dalton tried to roll Cambridge, and Cambridge’s car came to a halt. Gardener had a big rollover and carried on then 26 Russ Gillingham put Hurd on his side for another stoppage, Weare led the re-start from Dalton, then G.Gillingham and that is how they stayed to the line, G.Gillingham was docked 2 places giving Ford 3rd. Hurd got the entertainer award.


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