Meeting Report March 29th


On a beautiful spring day, that was colder than many thought, 34 Rookie Bangers,27 Special Rods and 24 MinIRods took part in the opening meeting of the new season. In the MiniRods, Tony Munden(11) took and emphatic Heat and Final victory, but there were wins for Ryan Mulley(56) and Sam Howard(43) in heat two and consolation. Unfortunately, newcomer Shane Jennings(15)  had to recieve medical attention after a crash in the Consolation, and was taken to Weston Super Mare hospital for further investigations. More news later.

In the Special Rods, Mark Thompson (144) marked his return to racing with a heat victory, and rookie convert Matthew Tegg(19) took the consolation, after a late tangle took out the points champion Craig Harris(39) who was on course for victory.Stephen Hine(10) never looked like being headed in the Final, despite a late challenge from Ross Stuckey(23) and Marcus Goldsmith.

The Rookie bangers had a very mixed field of cars, with some proper bilge like Dave Carter's(74) Golf, and Pete Greenaway(177) Mk 4 Escort, but the Top Tin trophies wne to Mike Cocks superb Wolseley 1500, Mavis(9) s Chevette, and for paint, it was Kenny Dalton(458) Primera, and Lee Norman(149). Results wise, it was an All Black whitewash, with Martin and Kenny sharing the spoils, and even Churchy(920) got in the frame.


RESULTS - 29.03.09

Mini Rods:-

Heat 1 - Tony Munden 11,60,61,22,91,127,121,313

Heat 2 - Ryan Mulley 56,7,501,246,23,16,404,111

Cons - Sam Howard 43,15,21,18

Final - Tony Munden 11,23,60,127,22,7,404,61,43,91

Rookie Bangers:-

Heat 1 - Kenny Dalton 458,58,68,956,44,107,149,133

Heat 2 - Martin Dalton 58,458,956,133,49,920,15,44

Final - Martin Dalton 58,920,133,44,49,787,658,149,731,458

A/C - Martin Dalton 58,458,956,40,44,787,658

Special Rods :-

Heat 1 - Mark Thompson 144,47,33,83,10,23,173,7

Heat 2 John Major 42,8,151,41,198,407,25,136

Cons - Matthew Tegg 19,43,930,48

Final - Stephen Hine 10,23,198,47,33,48,173,43,136,83

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