Mendips Raceway
Sam Trim - Driver of the Year 2010 Announced

Meet Sam Trim - Driver of the Year


Tell us a little about yourself Sam?

I am aged 23, live at home with Mum, Dad and my sister. I am a car mechanic, and as well as banger racing, enjoy shooting.  I was born at Lower Farm, Charterhouse, less than a mile from the track. My significant other is girlfriend Lucy.

Tell us a little about your interest in bangers?

I first raced bangers on my 16th birthday at Crashmania for the Allsorts in a Capri and I think I managed to all the races. I had raced for two seasons in the minis before that. I've been racing ever since and have probably got through 120 cars.

How did it feel when they read your name out the other night?

Amazing! I couldn't take it all in, and it still suprises me.

Sam Trim - Driver of the Year 2010 Announced

Did you have any idea that you had won?

No, I really didn't think I was up for it. I thought that I might have been in the running the year before , when I did over forty meetings, but not this year.

What’s your earliest memory of Mendips Raceway?

It's always been there, and I have been going as long as I can remember.

What was your best moment of the 2010 season at Mendips?

Hearse and limos meeting on Easter Monday. Brilliant crashing day!

Sam Trim Limos and Hearses

What would you like to say to the people who voted for you?

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I really feel humble. It goes to prove that you don't have to win loads of races to win something like this, just make the racing enertaining.

Who is your greatest influence in bangers and why?

Marcus Goldsmith because he used to be good! and his top attitude to racing.

What would you say to a youngster thinking about getting into banger racing?

Don't bother! All depends on committment, but if you there is nothing like it if you put in the effort.

Sam Trim 363 Going for it!

What’s your ambition?! – What are you going for next?!

To win something big on the track. I've never won a Championship yet, but I really would like to win something like THUNDERBOLT,  British Beef or West of England.

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