Banger Action by Dan Port

Mon May 30th - Report


Constant drizzly rain and low cloud kept many spectators away from the Raceway on Monday May 30th, although a sixteen race programme of four formulae went through very briskly despite starting on a wet track.

By 2.30, the sun was out and the track was dry, and good racing was had by all!

The Juniors were having their first meeting in the wet, and Dan Steeds(796) certainly appeared to have picked the wrong day to debut his super little Austin A40, spinning a couple of times, but once the track was dry he recorded an excellent third in the Final behind current top drivers Louis Aldom(127) and Sid Harrison(510).

Jack Ayles(300) won the first heat, on his debut, in a Fiesta, and Dan Milverton(16) the Consolation.

In the Hot Rods Spring Classic, Colin White(718) won all three, but the final was a real battle between him and Steve Hunt(282). Good to see Rick Lee(578) back, and also Neil Muddle(356) both of whom had been having engine problems.

The Special Rods also had to cope with differing track conditions during the day, but Points Champions Russ Colenutt(18) put the Final way beyond reach with a staggering display, but coming in second on only his second Special Rod outing was former MiniRod points champions Steve Sayer(60). Howard  brothers Richard (47) and Dene(41) won the heats, with John Major(42) the consolation.

Banger Action by Dan Port

The Unlimited Bangers were contesting a World Championship Qualifying Round, which can often lead to processional racing as drivers chase the points, but with plenty of visitors keen to carry on the contest from Sunday, it was a very hard hitting affair indeed. 33 cars took part, with  heavy traffic on the M5 delaying many, including three Team Extreme-Buddy(262) Johnny(362) and Shifty (555), and four drivers from Exeter, Jonesy (341), Tyrone (191) Brett Ellacott (62) and Smaldon(714), although the latter blew the head gasket on his Jaguar before getting a race in.

Mavis (9) recorded a heat win and a second, while Scott Weldon (517) in his rapid XJ40 won a heat, and the Allcomers, but veteran Pete Stanley(40) took top honours in the Final, and rounded off with a DD win!

There were some massive wrecks, including Jonesy who pulled out a caged Granada and almost won the DD, and a six car jacking train during the Final. James White(18) had the unenviable task of hauling round Trummer's limo on its final appearance, squashing a few in the process and growing arms like Popeye!


RESULTS - 30.05.11

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 - Jack Ayles 300,61,4,313,111,109,397,273,16,198
Heat 2 - Louis Aldom 127,6,25,510,30,404,362,703,39
Cons - Dan Milverton 16,796,198,39
Final - Louis Aldom 127,510,796,404,397,4,109,362,313,111


Heat 1 - Mavis 9,162,58,517,363,210,40,396,44,49
Heat 2 - Scott Weldon 517,9,58,362,40,49,210,162,341,446
Final - Pete Stanley 40,446,362,517,44,121,210
A/C - Scott Weldon 517,40,44,58,210
DD - Pete Stanley 40

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 - ColinWhite 718,282,258,18,205,55,35,578
Heat 2 - Colin White 718,282,18,205,578,55,258
Final - Colin White 718,282,258,205,55,35,578,18


Heat 1 - Richard Howard 47,43,370,270,925,10,46,122,136,44
Heat 2 - Dene Howard 41,18,23,60,6,35,19,26,173,39
Cons - John Major 42,173,372,136
Final - Russ Colenut 18,60,23,41,47,173,372,42,122,136

Bangers by Dan Port


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