Mendips Raceway
Matches and Despatches

Matches and Despatches !


The Easter Monday Matches and Despatches meeting for banger racing Limos and Hearses is attracting a good number of entries already. Here is the list to date.

Matches and Despatches

44  Steve Griffin Granada Mk 2 Limousine
58  Martin Dalton Daimler DS Limousine
83  Andy Beavan Granada Mk2 Limousine
107 Dan Chiplen Lincoln Town Car Limo
127 Pete Wake Daimler DS Limousine
162 Mike Cocks Granada Mk3 Limousine
198 Marcus Goldsmith Granada Mk2 Hearse
248 John Sparks Mercedes Limousine
363 Sam Trim Granada M2 Hearse
364 Darren Feltham Lincoln Town Car Limo
396 Scott Mowlam Granada Mk2 Limousine
404 Rob Mills  Lincoln Town Car Limo
499 Phil Rainsford Daimler DS Hearse
517 Scott Weldon Granada M2 Limousine
728 Spike Dray  Mitcham Daimler DS Hearse

801 Mike English Daimler DS Limousine
      Dai Joiner Granada Limousine


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