Looking Ahead - 26 & 27 August 2012


The next meeting at Mendips Raceway is the eagerly awaited August Bank Holiday two day event.

This weekend is the most popular of the whole season as a great family day out, especially on Monday, which features not only the Reliant Robin Figure of Eight race, but the Caravan race, in which a dozen or so caravans, towed by the intrepid banger racers, are destroyed!

On Sunday, there is stock car, banger and junior racing.


Monday the final meeting for the awesome Hot Rods, the fastest cars on the track, more banger racing (and caravans!), Special Rods, and the Reliant Robins, plus there is usually a visit from Charlie the Clown with some sweeties for the kids from his three wheeled clownmobile.

Racing starts at 1.30pm both days, come early and watch the practice!

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