Grab A Granny Draw Winners


We are delighted to announce that in excess of £500 was raised by the Raffle for the FORDS organisation-Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff.

It would be helpful if all winners could contact Mendips Raceway to arrange the distribution of their prizes.

List of Prize winners for Wusty's Grab a Granny Raffle:

1) Granada Saloon Banger                                               Saloon #14 at Buxton Raceway
2) THUNDERPIX Compilation dvd                                      James Herman
3) THUNDERPIX Compilation dvd                                      Adam Elias
4) THUNDERPIX Compilation dvd                                      John Moat-Wisbech
5) Family Ticket to King of the Peaks                                Mark Annetts
6) Family Ticket to Autospeed Alternative World Final         Jamie Wilson
7) Family Ticket to Battle of Britain Sheffield                      Dan Mycock
8) Family Ticket fopr British Beef at Mendips Raceway         Chris Parry
9) Two Tickets for Westy meeting at Eastbourne              Mrs Jane Worstencroft!
10) Family Ticket to UNlimited World of Shale Kings Lynn     Ben King
11) I years subscription to Wasted!                                  Ian Lane

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