Fords Fundraisers 2013



The Fund for Oval Racers and Staff (FORDS) have come up with a novel idea for fundraising in 2013...

There will be a Banger Mechanics series of races, one at every ORCI track, culminating in a Final at Ipswich. The way it works is that any mechanic can take part, providing that he or she has never held an ORCi racing Licence, and he/she has to raise a minimum of £60 in sponsorship to do so. This sum of money has the Day Licence deducted, and the balance goes to FORDS.


The race will be run to Rookie Banger type racing rules, but may be in any banger formula that suits the promotion, and will the first banger race of the day. The first three drivers home will qualify for the Final event, the format of which will depend on the number of drivers that qualify.

Here at Mendips Raceway, our round will take place on August Bank Holiday Monday 2013, and application forms and sponsorship forms are available from the FORDS website.

For further details contact us through the website or by phone to 01963 220028.

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