Electronic Lapscoring


We are pleased to announce that we have finalised a deal with Just Timing to introduce their electronic timing system to Mendips Raceway. The first meeting to use the system will be Sunday May 4th 2014.

The system has been extensively trialled in oval racing and proved to be efficient for our sport.

Brisca F2 stock cars will continue to use the AMB MyLaps system nationwide, but the costs of the Just Timing system are much lower, making it more suitable for our domestic race cars. Initially, we will use the system for Special Rods and Junior Rods, and drivers will need to purchase a transponder. These are all uniquely numbered and will be registered by us to the driver of the car. The units are internally battery powered, require no wiring, are sealed for life, and will record hundreds of thousands of laps. On May 4th, Just Timing staff will be at the Raceway advising drivers how to fit the units to their cars, and checking operation. The transponders are £70 plus VAT, and will be available for purchase at the Easter weekend, April 20th/21st, from our Raceway Office. If a family race two cars of different formulae, then one transponder may be shared, but it has to be removed and refitted to each car before each race.

After every meeting, the results will be posted on <>, and these results will show every lap of every car in every race - a unique way of checking your individual performance!

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