Easter Update


Start Time

Just a quick reminder to everyone that our new Start Time is 1 pm!

If you have not visited the Mendips Raceway before, you are welcome to arrive anywhen from 11am to have a look around the cars and the stadium before racing begins at 1pm.

FORDS Raffle

On Monday April 1st there will be a raffle for some nice Easter prizes including beer and a home baked Simnel cake

Tickets are £1 each and are available from the Pits Office and the Track Shop. All proceeds will go to the Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff-FORDS- who offer immediate financial assistance to anyone involved in the sport who may be injured. Other raffle prize donations gratefully accepted.

Late entries

East coast superstar Andrew Palmer (606) has joined the list of entries for the Brisca f2 World Championship Qualifying Round on Sunday, as has the popular entertainer Mark ‘Gibbo’ Gibbs(270 from Leek in Staffordshire. It looks quite likely now that a full three heat schedule will run on Sunday, with 32 car final

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