Limos and Hearses at Mendips Raceway

Easter Monday Report


Another beautiful sunny day in the Mendips Hills brought a large crowd for some Easter 2011 Bank Holiday fun.

The four formula meeting was all done by 5.15pm, fifteen races in all plus the long awaited Grab a Granny raffle, and the launch of the Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff Benevolent Fund, much inspired by the retirement of John ‘Wusty’ Worstencroft after a long banger racing career. The raffle was drawn midway through the meeting, at which point it was announced that over £500 had been raised to launch the Fund. A full report on winners and final total will be posted later in the week.

The Limo and Hearse Bangers were less in number than in the previous years, but some superb cars and paint jobs were rewarded with Top Tin trophies. Steve Stockley (68) won the first heat, Mike Cocks (162) in his tribute Wusty car won the second, and then Tim Wood the Final in his Mk 2 Hearse. The Destruction was short and sharp, and as expected, Sam Trim (363) did most of the damage in his Lincoln Town Car to take the win.

The Junior Rods had a lot of new drivers, and they were give their own Heat race which was won by third generation driver Callum Richards (87), and the second by Mac Mills (404) in a smart Nova, and he went on to win the Final from Dan Steeds (796), while Sid Harrsion (510) took a good win in the Allcomers which unfortunately saw Shannon Mills (202) roll her Mini, resulting in a suspected fractured thumb.

The Special Rods were back up to good numbers, and the racing was fast and close as usual. Paul Feltham (365) had his engine blow one lap from the end his heat while way in the lead, which would have meant both heats being won by white tops as Robert Parsons (925) won the other. There was no stopping Ross Stuckey (23) who won a great Final, making it two in a row.

Finally, a good field of Reliant Robins provided some entertainment with some big rolls, and some close racing, with Lee Charles (499) winning two, and Dan Tytheridge(3) the other, keeping Barry Richards out of the winners circle, which is most unusual. It all happens again in just one week, and for full details of our May Day weeekend, check out the Race Dates page.

Limos and Hearses at Mendips Raceway

RESULTS - 25.04.11
Junior Rods:-
Heat 1 - Callum Richards 87,202,205,273,30,39,122
Heat 2 - Macauley Mills 404,14,127,796,111,16,6,25
Final - Macauley Mills 404,796,127,510,87,14,273,6,205,25
A/C - Sid Harrison 510,796,127,404,111,14,205,6,313,87

Heat 1 - Steve Stockley 68,107,88,363,364
Heat 2 - Mike Cox 162,88,68,364,363
Final - Tim Wood 88,162,68,107,8,364,363
DD - Sam Trim 363

Special Rods:-
Heat 1 - Robert Parsons 925,372,17,18,10,41,270,43,171,22
Heat 2 - John Major 42,47,23,365,13,136,173,210,731,10
Cons - Dave Ruby 731,35,60,19
Final - Ross Stuckey 23,19,47,210,18,10,42,43,60,136

Heat 1 - Lee Charles 499,87,3,78,444,445,33,39,162,111
Heat 2 - Dan Tytheridge 3,499,444,78,445,39,111,162
Final - Lee Charles 499,87,3,444,78,33,445,162,39,111

Reliant Robins on Easter Monday 2011

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