Drivers Meeting Report 2012


Drivers Meeting - Report November 2012.

Bangers: the amended ORCI National Banger Rules for 2013 were read out, and there were very few changes, the most notable was the permitted use of cambelt guards, which are to of the same profile as the original, and fitted by the same mounting points, but may be as thick as required.

It is still to be confirmed what format the Graham Salter tribute meeting on June 30th should take, most drivers preferring unlimited bangers to rookie rules.

Rookie Bangers: it was agreed to ban the Avon ZB5 tyre as being too expensive.

Robins: It was announced that the support formula for the 2013 Brisca F2 Semi Final meeting on August 4th would be Robins World Cup. It was agreed that front suspension arms my be reinforced with one piece of 40x40mm angle iron, and the front chassis crossmember could be repaired by inserting an extra tube through it, to a maximum wall thickness of 5mm. drivers were advised to use a 3mm roofplate, but these are not yet compulsory.

An entertainers league would be run in 2013.

Special Rods: Russ Colenut was elected as driver representative for 2013. The major rulechange is to allow the weight of engine flywheels to be free, but they must be ferrous-no aluminium flywheels allowed. The recommended minimum to be 6.2kg. The maximum cam lift on a 2litre cam is 6.34mm.

Wheels no longer have to be identical on all four corners, but must be 6J maximum, and genuine original Ford items.

Fuel tanks must be fitted in the area of the floorpan that is covered by the rollcage.

For 2013, as an experiment, drivers will only rise by one grade at a time, and heat winners will start at the back of their grade in the Final.

We will attempt to grid drivers in reverse of points chart standings.

Junior Rods: Shelley Wiggins was  elected as driver representative.

A vote of thanks was recorded to Russ Milverton for his time spent at this duty, and the difficulties that he had faced, unfairly.

It was proposed to use a later type SU on Minis,-further research necessary

The size of the restrictor plate is missing from the Rulebook-it is 18mm. It was agreed to allow carburetors to be fitted to later multipoint injection Micras if it is feasible.

It was also noted that the month in which a driver’s birthday falls which allows him to complete the season is June and not September.

Hot Rods: It was agreed to revise the grids again to use the current points chart-lowest points off the front, for both heats, and for the Final.

Staff: Phil Dicker has retired as Steward, and Paul Feltham will be sharing the duty with Andy Harris.

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