Drivers Meeting 2018 Report


Report on the 2018 Mendips Raceway Drivers meeting

There was a very good attendance in all formulae at the new venue at Cheddar Football Club, and our track photographer Stephanie and video man Chris were both in attendance. As usual, the formulae were split up and each had an allocated time to discuss the new season. The major announcements were that Mendips Raceway will promote the 2019 PRI National Banger World Final, as Arena Essex has sadly closed, and that for the future, ORCI registered drivers will no longer be able to race on non ORCi tracks, which will affect Hot Rods, Special Rods and Juniors to some extent.


  •  Draft Fixtures announced and discussed, main topics the PRI World Final, 2L Old Skool and 4x4 Bangers.
  • West of England to race as a Rookie Banger Meeting, in order to maintain high car numbers.
  • Rob Mills to investigate rules for 4x4 Bangers.
  • Van Banger Rules to remain the same, and to not allow the Nissan Vanette.
  • Unlimited, unless National Banger rules, simply do not get the numbers. (Old Skool/B2B)


  • Draft Fixtures announced, Robins so far have 4 meetings, disappointment of low car numbers.
  • Discussion to slow cars down, general discussion about this being a racing formula, not the novelty formula it was planned to be. GB referred to Firecracker, in which 49 & 58 walked away from the field as the other cars were standard. Remove all wide wheels/tyres agreed would work.
  • Was agreed to bring the novelty back to the formula, that we’d increase entertainers
  • Over armouring plates on front arms, unlike per rule book, to be scrutineered and reinforced the rule.

Junior Rods

  • Draft fixtures announced, 7 with a potential for an 8th.
  • A scrutineers report from Gary, who reaffirmed the car must fit fuel tank within confinement of cage or protected, and an offer from Ben Wall to assist with scrutineering, most welcome.
  • Reinforced the issue of Safety belts and positioning in order to maintain driver safety, must be tight over the shoulders to keep the driver to the seat.
  • Tanya Southgate Drivers Representative for 2019, our thanks for this year to Andy Bennett for his outstanding work for 2018.

Special Rods 

  • ORCi ruling discussion, Drivers agreed to remain at Mendips.
  • Draft fixtures discussed, JB completed 3 draft fixture lists with all outcomes considered. If all Formulae to stay, 7 Fixtures, if other Formula leave 10 Fixtures.
  • It was agreed to free bottom arms as drivers will achieve camber in whatever way
  • Keep front corners the same. (non adjustable shocks, looks standard, apart from Bottom Arm)
  • Wheels, discussion due to rising prices of current wheels, whether its worth investigating Wellers. JB/GB to look into it.
  • If there is a stricken car on the track, automatically throw Yellow Flag, not worth the risk of a crash and damage.
  • It was agreed to allow Vernier pulley on Zetec.
  • Agreed for Zetecs to allow a Standard manifold, but to free the remainder of the system, so benefit other than ease to fit. Drivers were warned that exhaust noise would be monitored.

Hot Rods

  • ORCi ruling discussion.
  • Talk of Fixtures, if to remain would have 6 at Mendips, plus 8 Slick Car Dates. (Has since transpired to 10 Slick Car dates across 5 tracks) to Ringwood’s 14.
  • Based on an initial vote, 4 drivers voted to stay.
  • Mendips Raceway to send out a anonymous voting poll, in order to bring a conclusion to the rule, either ORCi or Not. Mendips would need 10 confirmed drivers.


  • Agreed for a Staff training day, including training other staff on cutting equipment.
  • Train up Michaela Cook as a Marshall.
  • Discussion also to train another Starter as it isn’t in the best interests for JB filling in, Michael Burnham would be asked, if not JB would see if Andy Chant would be interested in filling in when necessary. All Agreed.
  • Discussion regarding a Tuesday Night meeting, mixed reaction, 1/3rd of Staff wouldn’t make it due to week night, work in the morning etc.
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