Mendips Raceway

Drivers Meeting 2012


Drivers Meeting 2012
Drivers meeting will take place on Sunday November 25th 2012 at the Village Hall, Farrington Gurney, which is about a quarter of a mile down the lane between the traffic lights and the Little Chef. As always, every driver is welcome, as well as Junior Rod parents, and it is your chance to have your say about the racing, and get information on what is happening in 2013. If you are a first year racer, please come along, you will be welcome.

Here is the agenda for the day:-
12 noon                 Bangers and Rookie bangers drivers meeting
1pm                       Reliant Robin Drivers meeting
1.30pm                  Special Rod Drivers meeting
2.30pm                  MiniRod drivers and parents meeting
3.30pm                  Hot Rod drivers meeting
4pm                       Staff meeting
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