Driver Updates


All drivers and prospective drivers are remind that the annual Mendips Raceway Drivers Meeting takes place on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24th at Farrington Gurney. Full details of times are available in our latest Newsletter which you can register and read here. Drivers are reminded that they can renew their licences on this day at the discounted rate, which expires on December 31st.

We have unfortunately printed the incorrect date in the latest edition of the Newsletter for the 2014 Dinner, Dance and Presentation Night. This will take place on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th 2014 at the Webbington Hotel and Country Club at Loxton, Weston super Mare. You can book your rooms by calling 01934 750100, and you will get discount if you mention Mendips Raceway. Tickets are available from us at £28 each-contact us through the website or by phone 01963 220028.

We can confirm for 2014 that Banger Van racing will be back! On Easter Monday April 21st the Banger Vans will be the feature formula, and the rules are quite simple-any panel vans, minbuses, etc up to 3500kg gross are eligible, but no pickups, 4x4s or yanks. Petrol or diesel may be used, but no small saloon derived vans will be allowed. Drivers are already finding vans to race, so it looks like a good day’s crashing in prospect.

The first track event for 2014 will be the Practice Day in Saturday March 1st. Gates will open at 10am, all drivers are welcome, and the price per driver will be £20. The track will remain open until 4pm, so you can practice as much as you like. New drivers, especially Juniors, are urged to take part. Junior drivers may take their Assessment on Practice Day, and licencing will also be available.

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