Crashmania Banger Entry Update


Here we are with the list of Banger teams booked for Filo’s Crashmania.

There are other drivers still looking to race, and form teams, but this year it has been really difficult to get confirmations from teams and drivers.

Regardless of how many drivers there are, we will be having a great day in Filo’s memory, and raising lots of money for Cancer Research.

List of banger drivers for Filo’s CRASHMANIA for Cancer

Allsorts: 364 Darren Feltham 162 Mike Cocks 23 Graham Tibbs 68 Steve Stockley
CBW: 511 Dan Crosbie 131 Steve Cock  132 Barry McAleer  862 Darryl Cock
Contenders A: 363 Sam Trim, 18 James White 198 Marcus Goldsmith Tba
Contenders B: 4 Bob Barnes 27 Dean Quinn 54 Tom Davey 144 Wayne Thompson
Six Bolt: 49 Rob Bevan 379 The Worm 384 Liam Conway Tba
Team Toilet: 266 Tiggy 105 Civic 111 Doomed 999 Nige Lewis
Six Bolt B: Tba Tba Tba Tba
Team Brett: 162 Brett Ellacott 452 Lurch 891 Darren Wade Tba

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