Bungle Retires

Bungle Retires!


Bungle RetiresPopular Wales based driver Pet ‘Bungle’ Wake has decided to hang up his helmet. He was going to make the Civil War in January 2012 his last meeting, but is fired with enthusiasm for one last go by the Banger Olympics meeting at Mendips Raceway on Sunday July 29th, and has already assembled a team of drivers for the purpose, including himself, Tim Wood (88), son Dan, and Bam Spooner. However, to avoid temptation, he has asked us to advertise all of his racing gear, which he would like to sell as one lot to an up and coming driver.


Here’s the list:

Complete kit for Volvo 240, Volvo 740, Granada, plus two more H frames, two Granada/Lexus water tanks, 2x2.8 standard engines, 1 2.8 rebuilt and well tuned 2.8 engine, 5x 5 speed gearboxes, one complete crusty Mk2 Granada, and loads of bolts and door plates, and he is looking for £2000 for the lot.

Remember, he does not want to split it, so don’t bother asking! 07968 412089

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