BriSCA F1 Stock Cars


BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing can trace its roots to the first stock car race in Britain, which was held at the New Cross Stadium in London on Good Friday, April 16, 1954.

Originally, the cars were slightly modified saloon cars, hence the term stock as opposed to race cars. Most of the cars were American models with a V8 engine, although some were larger European cars.

The cars were standard cars with wheel arches (or fenders) removed and with bumpers and roll bars added. During the 1960s the cars developed from these "stock" cars into specially built cars with fabricated chassis and race-tuned V8 engines.

The modern British Formula One Stock Car is a highly sophisticated purpose built, open wheeled race car with race-tuned V-8 engines at the front developing 650 BHP at the rear wheels. Axles and gearboxes are designed to be changed quickly and the chassis and brakes are set up for constant left turning.


Video courtesy of CVS

The driver is located centrally within a robust roll-over/safety cage. Most cars make use of an aerofoil mounted on top of the roof that is similar to those found on American Sprint cars. Large bumpers/armour are mandatory and “contact” is very much encouraged to “remove” opponents. The sport can be seen at venues throughout Britain and Mainland Europe.

Stock-car races are normally held on short oval tracks, either tarmac or shale. Heats usually consist of 16 laps, with meeting finals lasting 20 laps.

Special events (such as world championships) are held over 25 laps. The number of drivers per race has no upper limit, but in general falls between 20 and 30 cars.

Each driver is graded according to past results, their roofs painted accordingly:

Gold for the World Champions
Silver for the Points Champions
Red, Blue, Yellow and White for the rest of the field.

The lowest rated drivers start each race at the front of the field, the better graded drivers then having to progress to the front of the race.

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