Bangers Down West Sun 19th March 1pm


It was a dry afternoon for the Bangers Down West 1600 Smash, there was a good mix of cars in the Bangers, and there was a number of new Drivers in the Junior Rods, with a mix of different cars in the Junior Rods.


36 Bangers turned up with ½ the cars in each Heat. Amongst the knocks and spins in the 1st Heat 962 Abbie Deeprose got turned heavily into the inner marker tyres triggering a 3-car crash leaving 440 Macauley Mills in the fence, only 8 cars made the distance with 206 Matt Brewer taking a Flag to Flag victory followed home by 720 Kenny-Joe-Gabriel, then 262 Roona.


Amongst the knocks a few cars got spun out, and there was a 4 car pile up on the pit bend, and 114 Shaun Turnage was giving 90 ??? a lot of attention!!! Then Turnage jacked up 616 Ian Jones. Only 7 cars made the distance with 105 Louis Tompkins taking the win from 154 Joe Odhams, then 113 Chrissy Jeanes.


15 Cars made out for the consolation including Jones who managed to repair his badly damaged car. Amongst the knocks 150 Lewis Richards got introduced to the wall, and tried to carry on with a badly handling car but lost it and spun after ½ a lap!! Then 252 Boogie turned 87 Jason Harvey into the wall, then Harvey Jacked someone up then 267 Billy Mcdade jacked up another car. Only 8 cars made the distance, and 756 Troy Hooper went on to win from Boogie.


23 Cars Qualified for the Final, amongst the action there was a 3 Car Jacking train headed by 31 Liam Shipway leaving Shipway stranded facing the wrong way on the Start/Finish line in the middle of the track and one car that got spun out just missed him!! A few other people got spun out and 582 Corey Hunt got turned in the fence. A.Deeprose went on to take the win from 781 Blake Dudley, then 369 Daniel Thompson.


22 cars came out for an action packed Allcomers Race with a lot of cars getting jacked up, including Gabriel giving 66 Bradley James a big Jacking, then Gabriel jacked up Jeanes, then Gabriel jacked up Turnage, with Hunt Jacking up Gabriel and another car decided to join the party!! Triggering some action on the turnstile bend, and Boogie went on to take the win.

890 Pavarotti, Odhams, Richards, and 334 Jamie Swanborough was the only drivers that made it out for a very hard hitting D/D which ended with a Head On between Richards and Swanborough, with Swanborough taking the win


21 Heritage F2’s turned up and they was running an all in Format, with a lot of close raging and over taking in all of the races. In the 1st Heat 520 Ian Harris took the early lead from 2nd on the grid, and led for a while then 710 Vince Stone took the lead, then 580 John Perrett T-Boned 886 Brian Owen, then 629 Vince Manterfield took the lead, and 47 Giles Carter tried shoving 107 Dan Chiplen wide and 7 Pete Fenton nipped by to take 4th place, and in the last lap scuffle 135 Jim Cannon ended up in the wall!! Manterfield(from 9th on the grid) went on to take the win from, 734 Richard Johnson(from 13th on the grid), then Stone.


Stone took the early lead from 4th on the grid and built up a big lead, and Johnson got spun out, and 8 Phil Smith and 64 Paul Skyes had a coming together, then Chiplen made it up to 2nd(from 8th on the grid), then Owen passed Chiplen to take 2nd, then 760 Howard Cardew passed Owen to take 2nd, then Manterfield bumped Cardew wide to take 2nd, Stone went on to take the win from, Manterfield, then Cardew, then Chiplen.


Harris took the early lead then Skyes and Cardew both ground to a halt, Cardew managed to limp off the track, but Skyes needed to be pushed off, Chiplen quickly took the lead on the re-start, and Perrett got spun out, and Stone and Cannon had a coming together, then Johnson bumped Chiplen wide to take the lead then on to win from Manterfield, then 157 Kevan Woolas(from 14th on the grid), from Chiplen then Cannon.


The Junior Rods were running a 2/3rds format 13 cars made it out for the 1st Heat, and 23 Dexter Hine took the lead from pole with 14 McKenzie Loader slotting into 2nd from 3rd on the grid, Hine led for a long time then Loader went round the outside of Hine to take the lead, and built up a big lead, and 924 Joshua Heathcote was going well until he slowed and had to retire, and 66 Taylor Mitchell also retired, Loader went onto win from Hine then 56 Jack Clifford


13 Cars came out for the 2nd Heat Hine shot into the lead from 2nd on the grid with 107 Henry Chiplen slotting into 2nd, 100 McKenzie Reilly spun exiting the pit bend maybe with a bit of help, and 429 Tristen Heathcote was making good progress through the pack until he was boxed in by a backmarker and lost all his places as he was stuck on the inside line!! 258 Riley Brimble made it up to 3rd (from 6th on the grid) then Brimble found a way past Chiplen to take 2nd, and with 4 to go Brimble went round the outside of Hine to take the lead then on to win, with Hine coming home in 2nd, from 69 Reece Welch-Fry, then Chiplen.


12 Cars came out for the 3rd Heat and Chiplen took the lead from pole, then Clifford had a big rollover, Chiplen led the re-start, from Loader, then 301 John Penfold, then Loader had a few attempts to go round the outside of Chiplen but couldn’t make it stick, then Loader tried to nip up the inside of Chiplen coming into the turnstyle bend but Loader and Chiplen had a coming together and Loader hit the inner marker tyres on the exit of the bend, and Loader had to retire with damage. Chiplen went on to take the win, from 314 Max Barraclough (from 9th on the grid), then Penfold, then 87 Liam Harvey (from11th on the grid).


16 Cars came out for the Final and Penfold took the lead from Chiplen then Penfold left a gap on the inside and Chiplen didn’t need a 2nd invite to take the lead, 610 Alfie Murray retired, then Penfold got spun out, then J.Heathcote got turned around and was collected head-on by 36 Dylan McDermott, then McDermott was jacked up by Mitchell, Chiplen led the re-start, from Brimble, then Hine. T.Heathcote had a few attempts to go round the outside of 184 Callum Preston but he couldn’t make it stick!! Chiplen went on to take the win from Brimble, then Hine.

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Macca Loader 14, 23, 56, 229, 100, 87, 258, 162, 314, 429
Heat 2 – Riley Brimble 258, 23, 69, 107, 184, 36, 162, 610, 66, 429
Heat 3 – Henry Chiplen 107, 324, 301, 87, 184, 69, 36, 229, 610, 924
Final - Henry Chiplen 107, 258, 23, 184, 429, 87, 14, 229, 69, 610

Grade awards- W:107 Henry Chiplen Y:258 Riley Brimble B:184 Callum Preston R:314 Max Barraclough


Heat 1 – Matt Brewer 206, 720, 262, 129, 334, 31, 160, 890
Heat 2 – Louis Tomkinson 105, 154,113, 852, 911, 6, 49
Consolation – Troy Hooper 756, 252, 70, 440, 781, 582, 369, 962
Final – Abbie Deprose 962, 781, 369, 262, 252, 70, 582, 105, 113, 206
A/C – Boogie 252, 262, 206, 105, 154, 440, 743, 890, 962
DD – Jamie Swanborough 334

Heritage F2:-

Heat 1 – Vince Materfield 629, 734, 710, 7, 760, 47, 520, 157, 107, 536
Heat 2 – Vince Stone 710, 629, 760, 107, 580, 135, 157, 47
Final – Richard Johnson 734, 629, 157, 107, 135, 761, 536, 8, 734, 7, 198

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