Banger Olympics Update


The Banger Olympics takes place at Mendips Raceway on July 29th 2012 at 1pm. Once in a lifetime event! The ultimate team meeting! All bangers - no support.

The number of teams that can compete is 25, and to date, almost that number have shown an interest.

Each team will represent an Olympic country, and these will be allocated to teams by the Banger website, Ovalchat, with the best selections winning free tickets to the event.

That process is not going to take place until June, but for now, here is a list of the countries, and the teams or captains that have expressed an interest in taking part.

Australia Belgium* Brazil
Canada China England
Fiji France Germany
Greece Holland* Ireland*
Jamaica Japan Kenya
Malta Mexico New Zealand
Poland Scotland* South Africa
Spain Sweden USA

Those countries marked with * are expected to be fielding native teams, as there are banger racers in each of those countries.

Teams/captains that have expressed an interest are Glads, Condoms, DWO, Warlords, Contenders, Bungle Wake (West Wales),Allsorts, Runners, Impact Squad, All Blacks, Weird n White, Toilet, CBW, Steve Reynolds (Ireland), Micky Plum(Wales) Naisy, (Scotland), Pewee (Holland) .

Any other teams wishing to take part should book in as soon as possible. Teams consist of one Micro banger, one under 2litre non mondeo, 2 under 2litre, and one unlimited. It would be acceptable to have a north and south Ireland team if drivers are available, so let us know if you wish to take part.

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