Rumours appear to be rife and the websites alive with news of an Injured Drivers Fund launched/to be launched by the ORCi. It has to be said that all of the rumours are presently without substance.

Promoter members of the ORCi wish to make it quite clear that whilst there have been discussions, a final decision has still to take place whether a Fund is to be set up, and if it is, exactly how this is to be administered.

Retired Buxton Raceway promoter, Dave Pierce, is preparing a document to present to the next ORCi meeting which is scheduled for late January 2011and further news will follow.

There has been much comment regarding ORCi promoters advising the three Trustees of the present Banger Drivers Benevolent Fund that they are no longer welcome to fund raise at their tracks.

Whilst we applaud the work done so far, I am sure most people will understand that we cannot allow this to happen presently, whilst there is an internal dispute between the Trustees, which realistically is only doing harm to the very purpose and name of the Fund. We would urge them to attempt to resolve the present impasse as soon as they can and we support them in their efforts.

Paul Gerrard

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