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Mendips Raceway is a 350m tarmac track situated in the Mendip Hills in Somerset which stages oval racing from March till October.

Oval racing has a variety of different types of cars racing, from old bangers through to £30,000 purpose built specials called stock cars. Some cars are allowed contact, where drivers may push each other out of the way to gain position, and some are strictly non contact.

The track is surrounded by a solid steel barrier, called the safety fence, and once on the track, there is no way out!

All of the track can be seen from any point on the spectator banking. Spectators can watch the racing from the grass banks around the circuit, and are allowed into the pits to see the drivers and the cars at close quarters.

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There are two toilet blocks, and food and drink outlets at the Raceway, but guests are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy it during the racing. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leash.

Parking is available free, and tickets do not need to be prebooked, although there are occasionally special offers that can be booked on line. We cannot accept credit cards.

Most meetings will feature three different types of car, racing in between three and six races each. These races are over from between 10 and 25 laps of the track, and most meetings feature a Destruction Derby where the last car running is the winner!

There are two races over the figure of eight course during the course of the season, one of them featuring Reliant Robins! Most meetings start at 1.00pm, and finish around 5.30pm.

WE NEVER CANCEL, so you can be assured that racing will take place come rain or shine.

For more details about what is happening and when - check the Fixtures page.

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Racing at Mendips Raceway

Bangers at Mendips Raceway

Andy at Mendips Raceway


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