F2s at Mendips Raceway

2nd May 2011 Report


Monday’s conditions replicated the previous day with pleasant sunshine, albeit a strong wind to accompany.  Once again a busy pit area and a packed 15 race programme, with the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars back for their second visit of the season.

Unfortunately, coming at the end of the busy double Bank Holiday weekend where only one day in the last ten had not seen a meeting staged somewhere in the country, numbers were below average.  The format was altered accordingly, but what was regrettable was the cancellation of the first round of the Rookies Reward with it being decided that the six car entry for it did not make it viable.  

676 Neil Hooper pretty much picked up from where he left off on Easter Sunday by taking a heat and Final double of wins, and was only one place away from winning a hat-trick beaten only by 315 Justin Fisher in heat two.  In the Final he was followed home by 522 Chris Mikulla and 990 Paul Rice, and it was the latter who took the win in the Grand National.

F2s at Mendips Raceway

The National Bangers were in under 1800cc form with World Championship qualifying points on offer, and the near 30 car entry was made up  of mostly Ford Mondeo’s and there was a good mixture of ‘racing’ and ‘action’ though with 240 Rob Setters and the brothers 252 Steve and 262 Rob Buglar being welcome late entries to the ranks and providing plenty of action.  

224 Dale Edwards led the first heat all the way to the flag whilst the second featured a long battle between 210 Paul Barnes and 44 Steve Griffin, with the reigning points champion just failing to dislodge Barnes.  After 251 Scott Baker lead the early stages of the Final, 15 Ben Tovey took over and went on to win ahead of 252 Buglar and 210 Barnes.  252 Buglar then went on to win the Allcomers and made it a double in the destruction derby which came to a close in a crunching head on with 446 Jason Burt.

The Junior Rods had a good entry, with the newbies back for a second try and once again they were given their own race to start things off, and for the second meeting running it was 87 Callum Richards who took the win.  The experienced drivers got a go in heat two and featured a great battle all the way between 510 Sid Harrison and 127 Louis Aldom with the latter just failing to make his late pass stick whilst behind the battle for third came to a spectacular conclusion when 341 Dan Quartley and 397 Caine Down came together and the latter rolled. Quartley was disqualified from the rest of the meeting for his part in the incident.

127 Aldom  opened out a huge lead in the Final, but two yellow flags brought it down to little and he was challenged by 510 Harrison, who took the lead momentarily only for Aldom to fight back and take the win.  None the worse for his earlier roll, 397 Down was third.  The Allcomers followed the same pattern with Aldom and Harrison at the front and the latter was able to produce a very good move in back marking traffic to win in the closing stages.

After being beaten on Easter Monday, 87 Barry Richards made double sure in the Reliant Robins this time and took a trio of wins.  499 Lee Charles gave it his best whilst 3 Dan Tythridge came through for third in the Final.

Junior Rods at Mendips Raceway



Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 - Callum Richards 87,205,61,30,30
Heat 2 - Sid Harrison 510,127,397,111,796,18,6,313,14,404
Final - Louis Aldom 127,510,397,6,87,273,16,39,30,404
A/C - Sid Harrison 510,127,397,404,796,6,111,313,14,87


Robins at Mendips Raceway


Heat 1 - Barry Richards 87,499,3,444,445,78,333,33,111,9
Heat 2 - Barry Richards 87,445,499,78,444,9,111,437,162,39
Final - Barry Richards 87,499,3,437,9,78,444,445,333,162


Heat 1 - Neil Hooper 676,464,374,921,116,4,605,677,954,990
Heat 2 - Justin Fisher 315,676,374,921,783,464,797,605,522,189
Final - Neil Hooper 676,522,990,921,315,605,464,116,797,14
G.N. - Paul Rice 990,522,797,921,116,605,464,189,676,126


Bangers Dusty Cloud


Heat 1 - Dale Edwards 224,252,262,396,44m517,27,40,162,446
Heat 2 - Paul Barnes 210,44,517,446,15,224,252,162
Final - Ben Tovey 15,252,210,40,251,363,27,162,517,242
A/C - Steve Buglar 252,210,11,40,44,242,517,446
DD - Steve Buglar 252

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