2014 Drivers Meeting


Drivers Meeting Report 2014

National Bangers

Rob Mills outlined the 2015 fixtures list, which had been designed to be more drivers friendly as regards car building. It was agreed that the Van Banger meeting would only permit the use of the 2litre Pinto or 2 litre Zetec for engine swops, but all original diesel engines would be fine.

THUNDERBOLT 2015 would have a distinct Entertainers bias to the prize money paid out as noted in the recent Newsletter. There is also a sign job from Boogie Signs available as a prize.

British Beef on its usual last Saturday in June would now allow any four cylinder British RWD car, and Triumph 2000s would be permitted with either Zetec or Pinto engines.

The BBA English Championship on May 24th for 2 litre National Bangers would also have an entertainer based prize schedule.

The Graham Salter meeting is already well subscribed, and the West of England Championship would also be for Old Skool Unlimited cars, and this would probably be for invited drivers depending on availability.

National Banger rules would be the same as 2014, but as always, enforced properly.

In 2015 there would be four World Qualifying Rounds, Micro Bnagers, Banger Vans, 1400 Bangers and unlimited.

There was a lot of discussion over visiting drivers arriving late and not being properly scrutineered, and this would be addressed.


There will be  a change to the World Qualifying procedure for Bangers, in that the qualifiers would be taken from the Raceway points championship after the August meeting, rather than running specific Qualifying rounds.  

It was agreed that all twin cam Honda/Rover cars would be banned, but Mondeos would continue to be legal for use.

The use of transponders for lapscoring was suggested and generally approved. Visiting drivers would also have to buy transponders. Further news on this will follow.  No other rule changes were agreed.


It was agreed top clamp down on cars that had been lowered both sides. Mark Loader Roofing offered to sponsor the Entertainers League again and this was warmly accepted.

For starting positions, it was agreed that all races would have an Incarace draw, and previous race winner would always race from the back of the grid. Some meetings would have a coin toss once cars were on track to see which way round that race would be. Points Champion would also always start at the back of the grid.

It seemed unlikely that the Midland Mayhem series would run in 2015.

Special Rods

Russ Colenutt was elected driver representative in his absence!

There were no rule changes for 2015, and it was announced that the Summer Series would require a sponsor if the 2014 levels of trophies and prizes was to be maintained.

Junior Rods

Richard Elliot Turner was re-elected as drivers representative and co ordinator.

It was agreed that electric fuel pumps were permitted on all cars, and fitment would be to the scrutineer’s satisfaction.

Engine swaps would be permitted on Micra, Corsa, Fiesta, Fiat Seicento and Saxo provided these were power backs, ie using an earlier engine of the same manufacture.  

Scrutineers would research ride heights to check whether cars had been illegally lowered.

To assist parents with new drivers, there would be a demonstration on harness fitting on Practice Day. Harnesses would continue to be checked at Pit Gate, and driver sent back if marshalls not satisfied.

Alloy wheels are permitted if original fitment to the car used.

Hot Rods

Mike Norton agreed to continue as driver representative for Hot Rods. It appeared that there were a number of new drivers coming into the sport in 2015, which was welcome. On that basis, an extra date was agreed on September 20th.

All in all a very productive meeting ,and with a number of new drivers in each formula, 2015 looks to be a good year in prospect.

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